Obligatory Christmas Message

Christmas Eve!
The best day of the year…
So far this week we’ve kept busy. My husband and father in law are building a train table for Mia in the garage and will hopefully be done by tomorrow. They are going to rig it so that it folds up onto the wall and pulls down for convienent playtime, which is good since her room is a little on the crammed side already. The kid does love trains…and train tracks. And the animals that play on the tracks, and the engines that talk to them.
The mousehouse is…well, it’s polyurethaned. There’s not so much to do until I get "unstuck". I want to make doors…I guess I will have to risk breaking my precious Dremel and just figure it out by trial and error…the directions are a little too complicated to pay much attention to. Of course.
We have seen Charlotte’s Web–wonderful movie. Mia absolutely loved it. I teared up…my father in law teared up! You’d also think with a cast of such famous people making the voices that all the characters would basically be…well, the celebrity and not the animals they were supposed to be…for the most part that was untrue–the story was touching and quiet and fun…you would have no clue who the voices were if you hadn’t already heard the hype. Cute movie. Great for the kiddies.
We made our customary Christmas cookies–the kind we make every year–sugar cookies with sickeningly sweet icing. Caleb and his dad worked the hardest trying to decorate or "paint" their cookies…a good time was had by all, especially Mia, who blatantly ate the icing by the spoonful rather than drizzling it on her star, or bell, or whatever cookie we happened to give her. She did restrain herself, however, and not eat the cookie.
Tonight we are hoping to rustle up a good hearty meal of steak and shrimp and God-knows-what-else before checking out Christmas lights in the town. There’s a display down in Chickasha (about 25 minutes south of here) that’s supposedly pretty amazing. We’ve been meaning to make the drive all season long to see it, but it hasn’t happened. Tonight may be our last chance.
We have a tradition at my house that each person gets to open ONE present under the tree on Christmas Eve. We will be continuing that tradition along with the one that Santa leaves a Christmas nightgown on the end of your bed for you to find and put on in the morning. I think perhaps this year, though, I will be left out in the cold as far as the PJ’s go…my mom has always been the one to spoil me with Christmas jammies, and Caleb has remembered one year and snagged me a clearance pair of flannel pants…but this year I forgot to drop 24 hints and I have a feeling that may cost me. And I’m sort of okay with it, after our kick-ass anniversary dinner and all.
Caleb has received from me for Christmas permission to buy himself a sweet radio-controlled jeep from ToysRUs. It was well worth the $30 he spent; the thing has been played with everyday since he purchased it. I figured it would suffice as a present from me; I spend his money to buy everyone presents, including his, and I was out of ideas, and he really wanted it…so it works, right?
I’ve been thinking about everyone and I hope you are all out there somewhere having a good Christmas with your family and friends. Mom, Dad, Jenny & James, Katie, Grammy, Grandma, Uncle Tony, Donna, Kay & Larry, Michele, Nancy, Jan & Fam, Camille, Casey & Phil & Brandon, and everyone else I forgot to mention, I miss you all and I wish we were there, but I know, somehow I know, without us, you’ll be okay. And we’ll be alright too.
Have a Merry Christmas you guys!

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8 responses to “Obligatory Christmas Message

  • Nooner™

    Merry Christmas Toni. Have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for a healthy New Year.

  • Hilary

    Merry Christmas Toni! My family also has the same tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve! I love that! Enjoy your day (and your talk of sugar cookies made me hungry…yum!)!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, hope you all had an awesome Christmas!  Looking forward to seeing some of your photos.

  • david

    WISHING YOU A GREAT 2007 !!!

  • Casey & Phillip

    Hey Ton, I know it’s been 4 months since I’ve been on here but you understand. I’m taking my niece to barnes & noble today for her xmas present. And pick up some books for Brando. I really love my bag more than you know. I miss you so much. I miss having time to read your blog but it’s so worth it. Well happy new year we love ya’ll.

  • Tiffany

    Sounds like you have been keeping very busy… which is good for you since Cheyenne is with her Dad.  I hope you guys had a good Christmas and I hope Caleb remembered the PJ’s for you.  That’s a cute tradition!  I’m going to have to think of some for us that are unique like that. 
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Kim

    Hey Toni!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!  Have a Happy New Year!!

  • K

    I late stopping in but hoping to read how the House came out and her reaction…  I trust all is well and this comment finds you in good health.  Wishing you a most wonderful 2007 and many blessings to you and your family this coming year….
    Take care Toni!
    Ciao bella,

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