January 11th, Part Deux

  Okay, so a little snow and ice was somewhat of an understatement.
  I just got back from a beer-run to the mom-and-pop grocery store we have here, and people were loading up hurricane-style on bottled water and canned goods.
  Could it be that bad?
  I freaked enough to pick up 2 cans of soup and an extra jug of milk.
  Then I thought I’d go that extra mile and clean out the garage so that we could fit all the cars in there–an amazing feat for us, since we are part of the 95% of people who use their garages for everything but parking.
  So I did that. Somebody get this girl a klondike bar.
  I’m a little worried about our heat situation…and I guess I should be equally worried about the water, too, since we here in the backwoods rely on well water pumped out of the ground in our very own backyard. But the heat…our fireplace is gas. We couldn’t even really burn something if we had to…and what in the world would we burn? Hmmm…I’ve never really liked our coffee table…
   I dare not bring up the matter of not being able to play Designer’s World–the thought is just incomprehensible at this point in time and I will deal with that problem later if it arises. I guess we could always do something wild and bust out Clue or Monopoly if things got desperately boring.
   There’s your weekend weather update–everyone have a good one.

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12 responses to “January 11th, Part Deux

  • Eden

    I am hoping this ice stuff doesn’t hit me hard.  About six weeks ago we had an ice storm that knocked out power for over five days!

  • miranda

    THIS is why I live in California. What’s that about earthquakes? Pfft!I was looking at your pictures and you seriously need to come out to CA and pain my nursery once we have a baby. I’m set on an underwater room. Since it’s not going to be for a long while you have some time to start designing it. So get to it, I mean, you’re not busy with 2 children of your own or anything, right? We’ll fly you out here and then I’ll drive you home in my pretty car! haha :)On a serious note (put that on the calendar cause I’m not likely to be serious again for a long while), you guys stay warm and safe! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for all of you.

  • Darcy

    Holy hannah sister!
    I thought we had it bad here, and in relativity, HERE sucks right now… but be careful… and if you’re going to burn the coffee table, make sure you get satisfaction out of chopping it up into tiny pieces first…
    Take care!

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I read a couple of entries below that you might be making a trip to AR.  Do you mind me asking what part?  Just curious since we live here… I mean there… I mean AR!  hahaha  Anyway… Stay warm this weekend.  I don’t know what we will do if we lose power.  Our stupid builder didn’t provide us with the gas fireplace logs so we might be making a trip to Lowe’s!

  • TexasGirlJen

    I hate the insomnia thing….I get it now and then — throws everything off. OK, here are thoughts:
    1. You are TALENTED girl. Start a business. Yesterday. Even if it’s online. WOW.
    2. What is the color of stain of your kitchen cabinets? That’s what I want for our’s…..
    3. Renovations. Yeah, we moved in two years ago. You’d think we should have had a home built as much money as we have sunk into this baby. Doesn’t look at all like it did when we moved in. We don’t do any of the renovations ourselves–not handy enough–but man, we can sure think of the ideas! I would say that from that list, we’ll probably do it all except the wall knockout–that can wait.
    Anyway, have a GREAT weekend!

  • ♥ Aimee

    well i hope you are ok…
    :o) smiles are contagious…and free…as well as a great start to the new year…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, I meant to get firewood myself but I didn’t and now I refuse to go outside (sigh).  It’s not that bad down here………..no sign of snow or anything like that so I will just stay indoors and watch the football games.  Please do not burn the coffee table (hahahaha)!

  • Hilary

    Oh my gosh Toni! You are SOOOO talented. The mural is so impressive! And I love that picture of the sky over that mosque dome thing. Wow! Hope you have a nice (warm) week, I especially liked your comment about burning the coffee table! :)

  • Sandra

    I can see that 2007 has started with you being busy …cleaning the garage & getting the car in !!!!
    don’t even want to imagine weather like you are having …lol.. 

  • Eden

    I hope you guys are doing okay, the news hasn’t been giving very good reports about Okalhoma.

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni, how are you doing up there in OK?  Aren’t you tired of this weather?  I am!  Have a great week and stay warm.

  • K

    Many parts of the US got crazy weather this past weekend – hope you fared well… don’t see you online – so I truly pray all is well with your family.  BE safe and take care!
    Ciao bella,

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