Dogs fart. They fart bad.
I never realized it before I became the proud owner of 3 large and hairy indoor dogs, but I guess it’s a natural occurence in the life of every red-blooded mammal. However, the stench that my dogs produce is everything but natural…it’s…evil. I almost passed out last night as a result of the blasts my oldest kept shooting my direction every 5 seconds. And opening a window is unthinkable during this weather.
It’s now day 5 of not being able to leave our home safely. There is a thick layer of slippery ice surrounding as far as the eye can see, and the temperatures are unbearably cold. I’m sleepy; like a bear that knows it’s time to hibernate. I tried to walk around a little outside this morning with a blanket-wrapped Mia in my arms.
We fell. Hard. Her poor little head left a dent in the ice.
Just so the fam knows, we’re fine. We never did loose power, but we did run out of bread and Dr. Pepper so the world might as well just come to an end.
I’ll update more later when I’m not feeling so darn groggy–gotta be the cold.

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7 responses to “DAY 5

  • miranda

    Well, if smelly dog farts are the worst of it (and I KNOW how terrible that can be) than I’m glad to hear it! I was starting to get a little worried since we haven’t had an update since last week. Not that I should be talking since I just finally updated my blog… It’s all about expectations though. You blog regularly enough that I’ve come to expect it. Me? Not so much. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I’m glad you’re all safe (except Mia’s poor noggin, ouch! I took a bad spill this morning too. Stupid frozen water.) and sound. How’d the coffee table fare? 😉

  • Nikki

    I was starting to get worried about you guys.  I almost called you last night, but was afraid that it was too late.  Glad to hear you never lost power. 

  • barnyardmama

    ooooh, dog farts.   Those are the worst.  Sounds like y’all are having a blast–luckily, you got enough beer.  For our last storm, I went for cookie dough and rum.  The essentials.

  • Tiffany

    I specifically remember a night when I lived with my old roommate.  I have a Boxer and it was late and we were in my room (VERY small bedroom) and I had a guy over that I had been dating for a while.  He kept on farting (the dog) and finally drove us out to the living room.  It was the grossest smell that had ever entered my nostrils!  :) 
    Be careful on the ice.  I guess you guys got it pretty bad… the western part of our county (on the OK border) was hit pretty bad.  We just had a thin layer and I was able to make it to work and everything on Monday.  Just late because Baylee’s daycare opened late.  I’m glad to hear the potty training is going good for Mia!  Baylee is really warming up to her school.  The past couple of days there have been no crying and she goes right to the teacher!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • t i m

    Ice floor? – It sounds like now is the right time to get your roller skates on & have a game of ice hockey. :)
    Ok seriously I hope the weather will hopefully get better soon in your part of the world.
    Over here in England, it hasn’t been great either but it’s nowhere near what you guys are currently facing.
    As for the farting dog – feeding him eggs & beans might not be such a good idea – practical advice free of charge.
    Take care. 😉

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hey Toni!  You are brave to head outside in this, but I understand how staying indoors could drive you bonkers!  Thank God for football on the weekends so I really don’t mind staying indoors.  We had a day off yesterday on account of some snow on top of the ice so I was excited about that.  No matter what stage you’re at in school, a day off is always welcomed:)  Take care and stay away from the ice outside.

  • Hilary

    My dog Dottie, the one who’s a rottweiler/dachsund, has TERRIBLE gas. I read a few months ago that rotties are notorious for bad gas. Dottie’s funny because she farts when she stretches, and then gets scared! I wish you luck with those three doggies, and hopefully you’re safe in these storms. We haven’t had any snow at all! Its just been so cold, however, our heater is broken. So its really really cold inside our house too.

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