An Ice Storm Without Cuss Words

Day 6: The Worry Sets In
Caleb took off today in our little Alero on a trek to a town an hour east of us, and I am literally going to go bonkers until he is back safe and sound. We really need to invest in a truck.
Our driveway, our yard, our neighborhood streets…all permanently covered in a thick layer of solid ice. Everyday it melts, every night it refreezes, making it slicker and more dangerous than ever. I almost look foward to the 5-10 INCHES OF SNOW we’re scheduled to get this weekend; perhaps that will make merely walking around in the backyard a little less challenging. The temperatures don’t look to be warming up enough to melt all this anytime soon; it’s a toss up as to whether I’m going to Arkansas next week or not.
At this point we could all probably qualify for straight-jackets. Being cooped up is definitely taking its toll–Caleb and I have been more than a little pissy with each other, Cheyenne is driving herself and everyone else crazy with boredom, and even little Mia is cranky–must be the horrible crunch I put in her head yesterday. The dogs are antsy; I’m so ready to get out of this house and I secretly envy Caleb for having to work and travel and close this deal…don’t get me wrong; I’d rather him stay here and be safe, but he might be able to breathe more sighs of relief on the road than at home at this point.
Mia and I had a conversation the other day. She was playing with her plastic animals when all the sudden I heard her say with a certain jolliness "Damnit!"
"What did you say, Mia?" I ask in just total disbelief.
"I said ‘Damnit!’ Mommy!" She’s mighty proud of herself for learning this new word.
"NO, Mia, that is not a word you should say."
"But I WANT to say damnit."
"No…how about ‘Oh, man!’ instead?"
She thinks…
"No. I like damnit."
"No ma’m. That’s not a nice word."
"Pleeeeeaaase can I say it?"
"Oh, MAN!"
She’s really become my little censor the past few days…forbidding me to say, of course, the D word, but also things like geez louise, oh my gosh, and sometimes even, oh my goodness.
For now, I’m going along with it in the hopes that maybe we can lay off the cuss words completely…that’s going to be interesting as this cold winter weather continues on with no end in sight….wish me luck.

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3 responses to “An Ice Storm Without Cuss Words

  • Tiffany

    Hey girly… I hope you can escape your house for a little bit just to gain some sanity back!  Once again we will be getting the wintry mix.  I honestly don’t think they know what it’s going to do.  At first it was 5-8 inches and now they are saying 1-4.  I think we are just right on the line and we won’t get hardly anything.
    That story about Mia is just TOO cute!  Maybe she will continue to say "oh, man"!  Too funny!
    Hugs – Tiffany
    PS – Email me and let me know where in AR you might be visiting.

  • Tiffany

    Are you kidding me?  That’s where my husband is from.  We go there all the time!  I wonder if my husband knows your friend?  Is she from Cabot?  That’s crazy!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Hi Toni, I feel your pain with this weather.  We are only getting rain now down here so that is a little encouraging.  I know how it is being cooped up inside for days on end………..and now you cannot even say "damnit" (hahahahaha)!  Mia is too cute.  Please be careful up there and I hope things get better soon.  Hugs.

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