Problem solved…or is it?

   Thank you to all that gave advice on torturing…er, locking up…um…getting a toddler to sleep in her own bed at night without "wandering" around.
   I may eventually try the gate thing. It’s going to take awhile to build up the nerve.
   For now, Mia has settled into the routine of falling asleep, quite easily now I might add, in her room, in a bed that she has finally come to describe as cozy–cozy is good. She passes out around 8:30, and then, at about midnight, when she used to call and cry and carry on from the doorway of her room, she simply pitter-pats her way down the hall and silently slips in bed beside me. Without a word. Just gets up like "Oh. What am I doing here?" and then "Do-dee-do-dee-doo" across the tile, dragging her bear, in the dark…to my room. I’m usually only vaguely aware of what goes down; I’m pretty sure that’s the way it’s happened the last 3 or 4 nights. I’ve been sleeping awful good.
   We’ve had some wonderful weather the past several days–cold and windy, yes–but sunny and a tiny bit warm if you’re standing on a certain side of the house and in the sunshine. The train ride to Ft. Worth was a lot of fun; we got to know the people in our neighborhood a little better than I think we expected to–it was a Mardi Gras train ride full of canned pina coladas and hurricanes in a bottle…beads and hotdogs…good times, good times. Only the hurricanes tasted like Robitussen so most of us ended up drinking common Bud Light. The folks without small children got a little more carried away with the spirit of Mardi Gras than Caleb and I did, so we had some entertainment on the ride back. Ft. Worth seemed like a pretty neato city. We definitely want to make it back down one day, by car so we have more time, to sight see and shop and eat and shop some more.
   Cheyenne’s room has become my own personal painting playground. I am having a lovely time in there and am in no real hurry to finish up. With Mia’s mural I rushed a little towards the end to finish by the time my parents visited. There were a few parts I either didn’t like or needed to go back over and never did; that will not happen with Cheyenne’s mural. I will like it; I will like everything about it, and I will never look at it and wish I did something differently, or start to hate the thing entirely and paint over it completely. Not this time. A big change has been switching from interior wall paint to those little tubes of craft paint you get at Walmart–if only I had tried those sooner. Next time around; we’ll see. I’ll take pictures of it in all its finished glory later on down the road.
   Hope everyone had a great weekend–February is almost over! Enjoy these last few weeks of winter!

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5 responses to “Problem solved…or is it?

  • Nikki

    Maybe soon Mia will be sleeping all night in her own bed.  I hope, for your sake! The train ride sounded like a lot of fun.  I’ve always wanted to travel by train.  I think I have all these romantic notions in my head about train rides though…and once I actually get in one…my thoughts will be crushed.  Ahhh well.  Can’t wait to see the pictures of Cheyenne’s room!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    I am enjoying the 70 degree weather we have been having down here…………I wish it could last forever.  However, I think winter might rear its ugly head one last time before spring arrives.
    How long do you think Cheyenne’s mural will take to complete?  I cannot wait to see what it looks like!  Have a fun week.

  • Tiffany

    Girl… today has been AMAZING… the high is suppose to be 65 and I’m really enjoying that.  I can’t wait to get home tonight and take Baylee outside again to play!  UGH… Anyway… I’m glad that you are getting rest… my friend had to use the gate (not only 1, but she had to stack 2 high) to get her son to stay in his room at their old house.  They have since moved and now they have made a bed in the floor of their room for him.  I think I’ll keep Baylee in her crib as long as she doesn’t learn how to climb out of it!  :)  We tried taking down one of the rails this weekend and that didn’t go so well.  I put her down for a nap and she got up 4 times. hehehe
    Well, enjoy your beautiful weather!  Good luck with Cheyenne’s room… I can’t wait to see it!  You are such a talented artist!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • miranda

    It’s great that you had fun on your train ride! I take the train everyday to and from work, so it’s coolness is SO lost on me. Although, if drinks were to be served it’s coolness would jump up by about a billion percent.So, the gift my husband got me for Valentine’s Day is the pink Nintendo DS Lite. It’s pretty neat and I use it a lot on the train if I don’t have a book with me. It’s also kinda fun cause we can play against each other since he has one (in white), too. It’s totally not fair to play him since he does this kinda thing for a living. I can play Mario, and I do sometimes, but I am totally addicted to Tetris. Addicted.

  • Hilary

    Please take pictures of the mural when you’re done!  You are so talented, and while the mural guy you had a link to was good, I think you’re pretty dang amazing yourself!  Good luck with Mia!  I have the same (well, kind of) with my dogs.  I made the mistake of letting them sleep on our bed when I nap during the day, and now they randomly try to sneak in the bed in the middle of the night.  Grrr…. :)

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