In The Spring A Bunny Went Down the Road

   I saw a bunny today. It was hopping across the road, all fluffy and brown and small and cute…Mia went nuts.
   Guess what I was doing at the particular moment I saw this bunny?
   Riding…my…sweet…pink bike!
   Honest. It’s warm enough. By far.
   We’ve been getting treated to 65 degree plus temperatures so far this week and it looks to continue on through the weekend, even if a little rain is scheduled to come along with it.
   I’ve been out and about, bike riding obviously, and also piddling around in the mudhole we call a garden at the front of the house. I ripped out all the dead mums and clonched up the soil…I built new red dirt walls around the pansy beds, and I got rid of all the mildewy dead leaves so the flowers could actually grow.
   I really don’t know if what I did was right, but I did the same thing last year and our mums grew back with a vengence. I hope the pansies do the same, even though I don’t really care for them. Maybe it’s just the name; "pansy" has always signaled, to me, something that sucks…that can’t last. Lame little flower! Why couldn’t we plant something cool like a banana tree?
   I spring cleaned the entire house yesterday. I finally got all the gunk off our shower door–it’s actually glass, clear glass, that you can see through; I had forgotten that. I owe it all to this marvelous, toxic and burning liquid cleaner called Scrub-Free mixed with Lime-Away. I recommend opening every window in the house along with a few doors, turning on fans and vents and working in 3 second intervals while holding your breath and closing your eyes, and then taking about a five minute break anywhere but inside. Also make sure your dogs and children are kept outdoors during this time.
   I’m trying a new exercise video set called "Yoga Booty Ballet". It claims to work every muscle in your body without making you look like a man, and getting you to channel your funky inner ballerina…plus all that yoga crap they do. I absolutely hate that and end up skipping to the ballet section, which I stick with for all of 3.2 minutes, because ballet is hard, and then I flip right over to the booty dancing part. That’s definitely more my style. I don’t mind bumpin and grindin my way to fitness. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months by booty dancing once (4 hours a night, 4 nights a week) and I figure this exercise system is as close to that scenario as I’ll be getting. Any instructor that encourages me to "stir that pot" is okay in my book.
   Well, it’s flippin’ beautiful outside. Think I’ll take a nice shower behind the privacy of my extremely see-through door, pack up a sandwich or two and go have a picnic in the front yard near our mud bed. Everyone enjoy the rest of the day.

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2 responses to “In The Spring A Bunny Went Down the Road

  • Darcy

    Read this in a shreiking voice ~
    OMG A BUUUUUUUNY??????????????? I LOVE bunnies…. I WANT a bunny!
    P.s.  Glad the weather’s gotten better and you got to ride your bike!

  • Sheryl-Ann

    Yeah Toni, the weather has been sweet.  I’m loving it!  I just got home from the gym and it’s nice and sunny outside, albeit very windy.  At least it’s not cold, though, so that is good in my books:)  Have an awesome weekend!

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