Sleeping with the Enemy

So, it’s been awhile. Lots of rain. Loads of rain. Floods. Thank God we live on the closest thing to an actual hill that Oklahoma has to offer.
My father-in-law drove up last Tuesday with that wicked awesome wooden playset for the kids. 3 colossal sized boxes full of wood–no instructions. Project started: Wednesday A.M. Project finished: approximately noon on Sunday, after 5 solid days of building in the sloshing cold rain, dealing with non-labled pieces of wood, and my husbands erratic schedule. Grandpa slaved away, day in, day out, most of the time by himself. But the playset is set up and it looks amazing. Mia loves it. She waits all of 5 minutes after waking up to go outside. We eat every meal in the clubhouse. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to loose some serious weight bouncing from the slide, to the swing, to the rock wall, to the tunnel, to the clubhouse, and down the slide again. FOR HOURS ON END.
I’ve yet to REALLY enjoy my new brown sectional couches. I toyed with the idea of sleeping on it last night as I lay in bed for 4 hours listening to Caleb snore. It was horrendous. It’s not even the rhythmic "Honk….shooooo" most people snore. He sounds more like a rabid elephant in labor. Instead of relocating to the living room (too much effort, too late at night) I resorted to kicking him in his sound sleep.
HIM: "Cut it out!"
 ME: "You’re snoring. Loud!"
HIM: "So, you don’t have to wake me up. I have to work in the morning. Just learn to deal with it."
 ME: "But babe, you don’t snore normally. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard. Can’t you just roll over on your side?"
HIM: "Huh…"
 ME: "Babe?"
HIM: "Stop kicking me!"
 ME: "I hate you."
So, today I’m tired. All I know is that I better start getting a good night’s sleep if I’m expected to be worth anything on the playground.

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3 responses to “Sleeping with the Enemy

  • Normal Every Day Life

    Sounds like fun!!  Post a pic of the new toy!!  :-)

  • Tiffany

    I’m laughing my ass off right now!  You know, you are SUCH an awesome Mom!  That’s so cool that you let Mia eat in her playhouse.  Those are the type of things that I remember doing when I was little.  My Mom didn’t stay home with me, but my Dad worked 3rd shift so he was there with me.  This is another reason I need to stay at home.  As of now, Baylee eats every meal except dinner at school!  So sad!  I’m missing out!  And, I HATE IT!
    I was looking back through your pics and I love the pictures of you guys playing in the mud.  You know what?  Mud always washes off… I think it’s great you do those things with your kids!  Awesome, Awesome, Awesome girl!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • Tiffany

    PS – Laughing about the snoring… it sounds like Britt and I!

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