Mingling With The Commoners

Okay, so the computer is still busted and I have been forced to use this lovely contraption at Blanchard’s very own Public Library. So chances are I won’t get around to reading anywhere else but I can at least update quickly for those who care…or even remember.
I am now a good two months into Life Without the Internet, and I’ll be the first to say that it’s really not so bad. I’ve been painting, and drawing, and biking, and I’ve even helped out in our jungly-garden a little. My family visited last month, which was wonderful….and….what else? Oh. I’ve obviously discovered the library–a place where we can take out as many books as we want FOR FREE.
I love free stuff.
I’ve also managed to take bigger steps towards my career as a stay-at-home calligrapher. I talked to a shop owner who wants me to bring in some samples and business cards–sweet!–so, if I don’t chicken out before I get that stuff to her, then I’m well on my way.
I picked up the habit of crossword puzzling at night and I think it’s made me smarter. Not that I could possibly be more genius than I already am.
Well. One day I’ll get back on here on my own computer and join the blogging world again. Til then everyone have a great summer. ~Toni

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3 responses to “Mingling With The Commoners

  • C.C.

    Yippee skippy!!!  I’ve been going through serious withdrawl.  😉
    How are the girls??

  • Hilary

    Glad you are back (even if it is temporarily).  Its awesome that you are being so creative, and I think its awesome there’s a shop owner who wants you to bring in samples!  I hope you are truly enjoying your summer, and as soon as you are back on, let me know so I can read more! :)

  • K

    I stopped in to see if you were back online and low and behold… there was an update!! YEAH!!!
    I hope you have an amazing summer Toni… and look forward to reading about your adventures when you are back online!
    Ciao bella,

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