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So. No help needed in the actual talent department–I’m a calligraphic genius, and if you didn’t already know, you BETTA AKS SOMEBODAY. That said, I do need a little advice on how to go about starting an online shop or website that showcases my mad calligraphy skillz, and maybe even a little of my mediocre artwork.
How do I advertise? How do I get paid? Do I have to go out and straight up get a business license? Because I’m not all about dealing with people and paperwork. I have no clue as to how the business aspect of running a, oh, um, what’s the word–BUSINESS–works. There’s a reason why I’m an artist. It requires no real thought–all my brain power can go on to more important things like insignificant memories and useless trivia.
I wish they had a Trivial Pursuit hall…kind of like a pool hall in which Caleb and I would enter looking the ever-unassuming know-nothings, and come out total Trivial Pursuit sharks, cash flowing, an angry mob chasing us…
But I digress.
I’m ready to get in a little more over my head with this envelope addressing thing. I’ve been scoping out the compitition–which in the actual Oklahoma City area is NOTHING–seriously. There’s one lady–ONE LADY–listed. The problem I run into is the people out there in Internet Land–Curse you, blasted online calligraphers!–who do offer the same exact service I was hoping to start pedaling–but for prices a little higher than I had in mind. So the fact that I’m willing to completely whore myself out might be just the hook I need to get this thing off the ground. And that could be a total mistake–I DON’T KNOW. I’ve never done this before.
I’ve toyed with the idea of doing E-Bay or ETSY or even another blog space soley dedicated to my work…but I’m still toying. Like a cat with a ball of yarn. My friends call me Whiskers.
Not really, though.
I’ve also hunted down a few stationary sites to inspire me to keep on keepin’ on, and I’ve found a few that I just love and hope to one day just straight up copy. Okay, obviously not copy. But…you get the point…Oh, you don’t? Well screw you, why are you reading my blog? Here’s one of the more spectacular discoveries: Bald Guy Greetings. Freakin. Funny. Shit. Off the wall–some people might not find the humor…but I sure do, and if you’re my friend, you’ll understand.
New news pertaining to my children: Mia loves her tricycle. She spends no less than 5 hours a day on the thing, zooming around her living room (Whoa, did I just say her living room? Yes. Yes I did.) like she was practicing for NASCAR and singing Aerosmith’s "Dude Looks Like a Lady" at the top of her lungs. We still go to the Library about once a week and get about 10 books which we read OVER AND OVER for 7 days straight. It’s good to be three.
Cheyenne is something else. She made first chair in band this past week. She’s been praised in front of the whole class in Art and Reading. She’s officially a walking, talking Nancy Drew…and at the same time a total Avril Lavigne wannabe. The uber-good girl that longs to be a little bad…yet she never will. I’m so stinkin’ proud of her.
I hardly write about my dogs anymore–they’ve entered into the more mature years of dog life and rarely cause trouble–which might help explain why I DIDN’T suffer a mental breakdown this past year. I’m not complaining.
Caleb is Caleb. He’s 30 now and I love to remind him of that–but only because it seems to slightly bother him. I love to push buttons, specifically his buttons, because that sometimes incites a wrestling match and that’s just fun.
That is all.

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2 responses to “Looking for Inspiration

  • K

     Hi hon!!!  Sorry I haven’t been around in a while but I am now!!!
    I think that if you have an ebay store… with a paypal account… you should be able to advertise and get paid rather easily for your stuff.  I am making an assumption here because I have never done it myself… but know of a few who have.  Advertise that you do custom work and it will be price accordingly… set up a starting price and take it from there!  With talent such as yours… you can have a world wide audience… especially on Ebay!
    Sounds like everything else is falling beautifully in line… excellent!!
    Take care hon!

  • barnyardmama

    Imagine my surprise to find a real-life actual blog happening here! 
    I once read that you should just go ahead and start your business–if things take off then you can go through the motions of actually becoming a business.  Ebay might be good, though, because then you could take credit cards.  Don’t be afraid to charge the going rate online–you can give discounts to locals.  I’d send out a work sample to all the local shops too–that’s how I got the calligrapher for my wedding.
    Seventh grade is the worst grade for girls–they’re sullen, bitchy, and still babies.  You will like Cheyenne so much better in a year.  I’ve never met her–that’s just my personal, middle school teacher opinion.  Since you asked, no teaching for me this year–home with the bambino ironing out his complicated medical stuff. 
    I think I had more to say–but I’ve forgotten it now.  So glad you’re posting again!!!!

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