It’s Wednesday–only Wednesday–when it feels like it really ought to be Friday. A work week is only 5 days long; this week might as well be like 100 days long. I’m so wore slap out–in a good way, though. I’ve gotten a lot done and I’m feeling very accomplished and proud.
I did make one minor goof yesterday–one of Caleb’s dealer’s called OUR HOUSE looking for him, which NEVER HAPPENS. The man actually went through the trouble of looking up our home number after he lost Caleb’s business card…I thought it was an advertisement and almost hung up on the guy. It completely caught me off guard–I was half listening when he said "Well, my name is blah blah blah and I’m with blah blah blah and I need to blah blah blah and could you tell me how I could get in touch with your husband? And by the way, how are you liking it up here in Oklahoma?"
Huh? What was that last part?
"Well we actually love it up here in Oklahoma! And what was your name again, sir? Here’s Caleb’s cell phone number. Nice talking to you to. Bye-bye now."
Did I write down any vital information? No. Did I call Caleb immediately to tell him the man even called? No. What do I look like? Someone with common sense? Caleb was more than slightly pissed beyond belief. "This is our paycheck, Toni! Do you not realize that! Do you understand how upset I am? Use your brain! Ugggg! I’m going to have to call you back later before I say something really mean."
But in all fairness I can’t be expected to take actual messages and such. That’s bound to start a trend, and next thing you know I’ll be expected to do things like take out the trash and water the garden. What am I, some kind of triathlete?
Of course I’m kidding. And I sincerely hope I’m not the only straight-up space-cadet wife that failed to take an important message. My only saving grace in this instance is that the guy–whatever his name may be–seemed pretty fixated on getting in touch with Caleb. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll call my husband today. Because if not, I just went from being in a little trouble to changing my name and moving to some obscure state, like, I don’t know, Vermont, in order to escape the wrath of Caleb.
Instead of doing things like handling important phone calls from important businessmen, I’ve quite obviously been busy calligraphing, wiring, and carving things–and then taking pictures of it all and posting it for you lovely people to see. And yesterday, the weather was so freaking wonderful that we spent much of our time outside. We picniced, we took walks, bike rides, we swung and climbed trees. We even brushed Shadow. I opened all the windows to air out all the dog stink…I closed them at night, of course, but I still woke up with vicious headache–my guess is that it’s from all the dust and hair and pollen being stirred around and blown up my sinuses. Stupid fresh air.

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One response to “Lapse

  • Joell

    I have always loved the phrase ‘wore slap out’ and use it on occasion myself! :-)
    Oooh, oooh!!  Fellow space-cadet wife raising her hand here!!!   
    Your calligraphy is amazing!!!  And the wire goof-offs.  And the mousehouse!  Your creativity knows no bounds!! You go!

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