Week 8, day 1. I’m worn out and burpy, but I’ll take burpy over barfy any day.
I’m really tired. For some reason Caleb and I both are on this "get ready for baby NOW" kick and it just won’t quit. Before I go into detail I need to explain a few things as far as some of the decisions we’ve been making around here.
  • We do not want to have to move children around or redecorate rooms that are already beautiful. If we have a boy, I do not want Mia to have to share a room with him, nor do I want Cheyenne to have to share a room with Mia. If we have a girl, Cheyenne and Mia would have to switch rooms, leaving Mia and the baby way too far across the house for my middle-of-the-night feeding comfort. Therefore, we have decided to put the baby in our closet.
  • Did I say closet? Yes I did. It’s big. A crib will fit perfectly on one side. It has a built in bookshelf and a dresser just the right height for a changing station. A nice-sized window provides great light. And Caleb thinks he can section off the other side with some sliding panels that will allow us to keep our clothes and other miscellaneous junks in there without feeling as if we were sitting in, well, a closet. We took the liberty of transferring all of my stuff to his side and seeing how it would all fit. And it fit fine. Plus, the baby will be a short stumble away at 11:00, midnight, 2:00, 2:45, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00 and every 15 minutes after that until it’s time to get up and get the girls ready for school.
  • I can’t bear the thought of paying thousands of dollars worth of disposable diapers for the next 2-3 years; we have been researching the idea of cloth diapers and are pretty dead set on using them, or at least giving them a good old college try. Plus, there are some stinking cute (ha! stinking!) ones available these days and they look a lot more easy to use than I’ve always thought. $500 or less vs. $2000 and I never really have to worry about going into town 30 minutes away because I’m on my last diaper? Is there a downside to this? What? A little laundry? It’s not like I don’t do at least 50 loads a week already. Plus I’m at home all the damn time so I think I can handle it.
  • We are not finding out the sex of this baby. This decision has been met with varied opinions, ranging from happy excitement to huffy rage. I’m actually surprised by my willingness to go along with this idea of Caleb’s. I am by no means a person who can handle secrets or surprises. As far as babies go, I like the idea of preparing and knowing and bonding and naming all beforehand…I liked it that way. When Caleb asked me my thoughts on the "surprise route", something hit me–why not? I could do it! Preference-wise we’re not leaning one way or another–we love having daughters but would welcome a son. We have all the baby things we could possibly need, save clothes for a little boy, but that’s easily to take care of. There’s plenty of places to shop quickly within 5 minutes of the hospital. And we’re not officially doing a full blown baby’s room–just a nice little space that would be right for either or…We could do this. It could be our last chance to experience the "not knowing"…I’d like to try it. I just hope our family and friends can hold out.
  • Naming. This task has been known to spark divorce talk between me and my husband, but we’ve managed to come to some sort of agreement already, which is miraculous if you know us so I’m taking it and not leaving it. If we have a boy, he picks the first name but uses the middle name that I have my heart set on. If we have a girl, I get to pick the name just so long as we call her the name that Caleb requests, which is a name that I suggested, which will either be the first OR the middle name depending on how it flows with whatever other name I so choose. Sounds fair, right? It was tricky, but we shook on it so there’s no going back. Good deal.

And that’s how it’s done.

The only other planning involves rolling with the changes that are bound to come up here and there. But isn’t that where the fun part comes in?


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7 responses to “Ready

  • C.C.

    Hmmm…a lot has been discussed in your house!! 
    Just make sure that when you tell people your child "came out of the closet" you explain that the child actually LIVES in the closet.  😉

  • miranda

    First of all, I could totally write a novel based on the "discussions" my husband and I have about naming our future kid. You know, cause we’ll need to do that in like a year and a half. Nothing like being prepared.Second, I’ve totally thought about keeping the baby in our room, or some version of that, until s/he is older. I also figure that way I can have a room that better suits them, I’ll know the personality better when it comes time for him/her to move out of our room. (It’s dawning on me that it’s kinda sad that I have so much of this thought out.) Anyway, what you guys have decided on makes sense to me.Finally, if you can hold out on finding out the gender more power to you. Seriously. I am 100% sure I couldn’t do that. I can barely manage not to peak at my gifts on Christmas Eve and you expect me to wait a whole 9 months without knowing if I’m having a boy or girl?!? No. Way. :P

  • Bev

    I’m glad to hear you aren’t feeling barfy!!  I hear that more and more people are going the route you all are in NOT learning the baby’s gender.  I mean….for almost all time….it has been a surprise and people managed just fine thank you very much!!  Kudos to you on picking a name.  That seems to be a big hurdle for most couples.
    Take care of yourself girl!

  • Normal Every Day Life

    You two have been very busy!!  I am sure the closet will work out well!!  It will be nice for the baby to be so close!

  • barnyardmama

    I bought a beautiful, fancy crib for Charlie and then ended up getting one of those by-the-bed sleepers anyway.  I would HATE having him far away.  Right now I can’t even imagine him having his own room–he belongs in my room.
    The name thing sounds good–the Hub and I have picked out all the baby names EVER–we’re done.  Makes life easier. 
    Cloth diapers, eh?  I may have to research these myself.

  • barnyardmama

    Oh, and I forgot: I bet you know what that baby is long before it gets here–I knew Charlie was a boy two weeks after I found out I was pregnant.  It just took a couple of months for the doc to confirm it.

  • Joell

    Barfy = bad
    Burpy = much better and quite fun, personally.  I am famous for my belching abilities.  Just ask my kids. 
    Sounds like life is good.  I’m glad. Happy Friday!

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