The Enigma That is Our Baby

The ultrasound was today. We went, we saw, we heard. Our minds are at ease now and we’ll be thoroughly enjoying our weekend–I, shivering in Oklahoma, Caleb, kickin it at the Florida/Georgia game down in Jacksonville with his brother and a bunch of rowdy guys. I know I came off as bitter just now but honestly I’m glad he’s going and I hope he has a good time…and that he doesn’t hurt anything by trying to keep up with the younger crowd.
Back to the baby, the glorious baby, it is so cute. Okay, really, it’s still pretty much a blob, but a lot less of a blob than I expected to see. It was waving its arms and stretching its legs and I could just tell it was smiling for the camera. We cheeses can sense these things. Ultrasounds never cease to amaze me; I could watch that static forever and never get bored. I even got a little emotional today–I say that like it’s a big surprise to anybody else, because I like to think of myself as a hardcore gangsta bitch, but the truth is I’m a total softy especially when it comes to stuff like this. I did manage to hold back my tears of joy and wonderment until I was safe in the car, away from Caleb and safely situated where Mia couldn’t see my eyes.
And that’s your update for those of you who asked. I’m going now to go and stare at belly’s profile in the mirror. Love you all.

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3 responses to “The Enigma That is Our Baby

  • Hilary

    *satisfied emotional sigh*   I am so happy for you!!!!!  Wow!!!  I’d laughed when you talked about sleeping on your stomach being uncomfortable!  I sleep on my stomach, so I think I’m gonna be lacking sleep before and after I have a baby (in the future sometime…) :)

  • miranda

    I love hearing your updates on everything baby. I’m SO glad everything went so well and you got to see that beautiful baby of yours! Have a great weekend, Toni and family!!

  • Joell

    Wonderful!!!  Congrats on your precious little enigma!

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