What I Did and What I’m Going To Do

What a weekend. I’m still a little tired and I’ve got a million things to catch up on, so I’ll make this entry a quick recap:
Friday night I think I ate some bad lettuce. I don’t know. I blame it on the green stuff because I can’t bear to think that any of my favorite foods may have cause what I’m about to describe. I went to bed with a terrible stomach ache and woke up with it the next morning. I spent the entire day bouncing from my bed to the bathroom, unable to keep absolutely anything down–not even the slightest sip of ginger ale. It was way too horrible to be plain morning sickness and by 6:00 p.m. I started to get worried. I get dehydrated easily and was freaked out that I might need a trip to the emergency room–the one weekend Caleb was out of town; not just out of town, but partying his butt off at the Florida/Georgia game halfway across the country. I called my father-in-law (who blessedly just happened to be only 3 hours away in Dallas) and he came up to basically hang out in case I had to go to the doctor.
I stopped throwing up long enough to consider staying home, at least for the night. I ended up just waiting it out–the going was slow the next day, but I managed some toast and soda…after that went over well, I was forced to drink water until I floated away. Thank goodness Grandpa–he took care of the dogs, the girls. He cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner and he kept me company. Caleb got home Sunday and was worn out but surprisingly not hung-over at all. I was proud, and glad to see him.
Today I’m going to get busy cleaning up. We’ve got to carve pumpkins and get the girls in bed early with a capital EARLY because the one show I make a point to watch comes on: Nip/Tuck. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI or Dancing with the Stars or basically anything on TV–except Nip/Tuck. And The Shield. So from October to…April (?), on Tuesday nights from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., I’ve watch probably the 2 most horrible and grotesque programs ever aired. And I love them.
I put up some recent pictures. On Thursday I’ll add "Kids in costume" ones–and Mom, let me know if you want them. I’ll use the picture exchange system we have firmly in place.

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3 responses to “What I Did and What I’m Going To Do

  • Rose

    I haven’t stopped in in a bit.  it hought I would catch up.  Congrats on the pregnancy!!!  May will come quick, as you know.
    While reading I noticed you touched on the subject here in Maine of the middle school and BC pills.  It has caused quite a stir here as well as elsewhere.
    It is so hard to say what is right and wrong.  We need to accept that these children are or will soon be having sex.  Middleclass, lowerclass, and upperclass are all affected by sex, pregnancy and STD’s.  They need to have some form of access whether it be a clinic that is running near the middle school (not by a school nurse, it is the same clinic for poor or non-insured patiens who are adults) or adults in their lives that they feel safe with.  As long as the children are informed as much as they can be they may make good choices.  Hell, even bad choices, but as long as they can live with the choices who does it really hurt?
    anyhow,  take care and I hope your older daughter is keeping her chin up!!

  • Normal Every Day Life

    I love the pics…we went to that very same pumpkin patch!!  Hope you get feeling better.  Don’t eat too much candy!!

  • barnyardmama

    Ugh.  I got stomach flu when I was in my fourth month–I lost five pounds in about two days.  Sadly, I gained it all back rather quickly.  I can’t believe how nicely you’ve rebounded.  I really just wanted to lie around and pretend I was dead after that.

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