Lot going on.
Halloween. Awesome. I added pictures to the Fall album. It was chilly, but not freezing. Mia was a pirate that apparently had the appearance of little dutch boy–I didn’t get it, but she got great candy anyhow. Both of the girls did. I have yet to steal some.
Tomorrow we’re breaking Cheyenne’s old bedroom furniture out of the attic and setting it up in Mia’s room, since she has pretty much outgrown her sweet little-girl bed. The past 2 nights she’s been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor in her room and, except for the Halloween-induced nightmares, she’s done very well on it. So I mentioned the project to Caleb–he has been warned. I don’t think it’s so much the work of getting the stuff down as it is the putting away of the bed he made for her. We’re both a little saddened by the thought.
Caleb picked up fried chicken last night, my most recent insane craving. I threw it out there earlier in the week–he remembered. God bless my husband.
My sister’s baby shower is tomorrow down in Pensacola. I curse myself for not going down there this weekend, but after doing some Christmas shopping in Target I was reminded why I’m waiting until January to visit–presents truimph plane tickets during the holidays. I’ll see her, and her husband, and her baby, soon enough…but right now I’m so homesick for Florida that I could puke.
My friend Inka is pregnant, too–one week behind me, to be exact. She and her husband sent out pictures of her ultrasound and of her belly. She is already round and adorable and glowing and beautiful and pregnant. I’d like to hate her. I can’t, but I’d like to.
I have a very exclusive list of CILFs. (Celebrities I’d like to…). James Franco has officially made the cut. I’m putting him at number 2. If my obsession lasts long enough he’ll replace the Rock at #1. Do not be threatened, sweet Caleb. I find him attractive because he reminds me so much of you. You guys and your cute little ears.

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4 responses to “Shorts

  • Hilary

    I love your halloween pictures!!!!  When you start looking super pregnant you’ll have to take a picture of yourself!!!   My CILF list is odd, but Josh Duhamel tops it (though I wouldn’t want Fergie cooties….is that shallow??)…Josh without a shirt literally makes my heart race…. :)

  • barnyardmama

    My Halloween was relatively uneventful.  My four-month-old did not seem to notice.  Next year, though, we’re going all out.  I’ll have to write a blog about that. . .

  • barnyardmama

    I realize that I did not answer your question: I have gotten at least three friend requests a day from strange men.  I also got an e-mail from a man who said he was interested in "Love and maybe marriage."  Spaces just seems to be turning into some kind of online dating service.  Also, I started getting about 300 hits a day, and I don’t know 300 people, so I’m kind of worried that pictures of the baby are attracting perverts or something–I actually went ahead and made my Charlie album "friends only."

  • Joell

    Dang!  Sorry you got the bad lettuce flu.  Glad you are feeling better.  LOVED the pics of the pumpkin patch and halloween costumes.  Although, Mia was kinda scaring me a little bit wielding that sword around. Man, you could put an eye out with that thing! LOL.  My Emma was a pirate too.  The chefs…all of them…also adorable.  What a nice FIL you have to come take care of you.
    Now, as for the crocs…
    The flops are what I love, but Emma has those "clog looking" ones…I think I saw Mia wearing a pair in some of your pics??  Those are well, let’s face it, much less attractive than the flops, I mean, for grownups anyway.  But they have some other cute styles as well.  Check out their website.  For me, it’s flops all the way baby.
    How fun that your sis and your friend and you are all prego at the same time!!!  Built in buddies for the little one!
    CILFs…I’ll have to think on that one.

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