More shorts

Pet Peeves:
  1. People who let their dogs out to run wild. On purpose. Regularly.
  2. People who let their dogs out to run wild. On accident. Regularly.
  3. People who lock up their dogs 24/7 in a small kennel in the far corner of the backyard.

Okay. Let me just remind the dog owners of the world, or, at least, more specifically, my neighborhood, TO KEEP YOUR DOG IN YOUR DAMN YARD. Holy freakin’ shit mother fricking mother fricker my GOD. I hate you people.

Moving right along. We’ve redone Mia’s room–brought in the new-old "big girl" furniture and rearranged a few things. She’s pleased as punch and has spent a lot of time in there, I guess getting a feel for the new room and testing out all her toys as if they, also, were new. It was a sad day, taking that toddler bed to the attic. I told Caleb that if we weren’t already pregnant, I’d be really depressed. Mia’s most certainly not a baby anymore. Tear.

I’ve got a dentist appointment today.

I made a whole gallon of chicken salad because it sounded good at the time, but I’m pretty sure I’ll throw out–IT IS NASTY.

I am so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Mia is a sports machine. The girl can throw and bat like no other 3 year old I’ve seen–and I think she’s left-handed. And it’s like she was born to kick a soccer ball.

Caleb and I are so proud of Cheyenne. She spent Sunday chopping, weeding, and tilling (using the tiller, which is really kind of hard) the garden–and she did a good job and she acted like she enjoyed it. I loved to see her get outside and have a good time, especially when she’s normally inside reading books all by herself.

Up until today I’ve been losing Toni-weight faster than I’ve been gaining baby-weight–all my skinny pants have actually been a little loose, but today, I’m feeling slightly enlarged. I’m stoked and bummed at the same time–I finally feel a little pregnant, but I dread going shopping for maternity clothes, and no, I do not think the maternity clothes out there now are the least bit cute or stylish. At least not on me. At least not yet.




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2 responses to “More shorts

  • C.C.

    Congratulations on finally feeling (a little) pregnant!! 
    Chicken salad sounds really good right now!  Send some my way!  :-)
    How far along are you now?  You need one of those ticker things on your site.

  • barnyardmama  You can buy the clothes from the privacy of your own home, try them on, and then return locally the stuff that didn’t work.  Love, love, loved it when I was preggo–and I’m normally not an Old Navy kind of gal.

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