Gotta Love It

Yesterday I went for a dentist appointment–just your standard cleaning and check-up. I had the kids with me, Cheyenne patiently watching Mia play with the toys in the waiting room while I was in the back. I got to kick my feet up in a reclining leather chair and listen to Marvin Gaye while a nice lady massaged my gums and cleaned my teeth. Ah, the pleasure. And yes I just did compare a routine teeth cleaning to a day at the spa.
You know you’re a pathetic stay-at-home-mommy when a trip to the dentist’s office sounds relaxing.
But am I really so pathetic? I don’t get my nails done. I haven’t had a (professional) hair cut in almost a year. It’s been ages since I laid in a tanning bed, which is probably for the best. I don’t freak out if I haven’t had "Toni Time" all week. I take enjoyment out of little things. And I feel like I pretty much lead THE perfect life. Here are some of my recent favorite things:
  1. Driving on country backroads on the way home from the store.
  2. A hot bath during Mia’s nap.
  3. Cooking dinner while Cheyenne practices Christmas songs on her flute.
  4. Reading a houseplan magazine while Mia plays at the park.
  5. Hot apple cider right before bed.
  6. Sleeping in while Caleb gets Cheyenne off to school.
  7. Riding my bike really fast down a hill.
  8. Pancakes on Saturday.
  9. Hiking in state parks.
  10. The 15 minutes of complete spotlessness after cleaning the house all day.

So I’m obviously not your average *desperate housewife*. I’m no less of a woman because I don’t pay an arm and a leg to be traditionally pampered. But you know what? I’m OKAY.

At least my teeth look freaking great.


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4 responses to “Gotta Love It

  • miranda

    *sigh* Yep, sounds like you’re living the good life. :)

  • barnyardmama

    I’m so glad that some one out there is taking joy in a clean house–the only time that will ever happen to me is if someone else cleans it. 

  • Bev

    Your favorite things just sound wonderful!!  I love all the new pictures.  You are truly a blessed young woman.  You have a lovely family.
    Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement to me.  It’s people like you and my other blog friends that help me get along from day to day in this sad time.
    God bless you girl!

  • Joell

    I LOVE having my teeth cleaned.  That reminds me, I’m WAY overdue.  I need to find me a dentist here in my new town and quick.

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