Taking Down Names

It is my duty today to go and hunt down the parents of a boy who has been picking on Cheyenne at the bus stop all year–no big deal, really…Normally it’s just the usual verbal taunting about a big nose that all kids go through at some point or another between grades 1 and 12. (As if my poor girl didn’t have enough social problems at school–I swear she’s a living, breathing kick-me sign.) But Thursday, this boy, this older, much bigger boy started jacking with her nose when he happened to notice her in the lunch line at school. Flicking it (lightly, yes, but still) and messing with her face. He started a pushing match with another kid in line, causing him to spill his chocolate milk, then to bump into Cheyenne, who in turn, of course, fell splat into the chocolate milk. She came home crying. AGAIN.
I was enraged, not so much because she’s being picked on, but because somebody laid hands on her IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM…and I think that’s wrong. I think there’s a line–a fine one, I’m finding out, but as a parent I feel I should step in and ever-so-politely see that the situation doesn’t present itself a second time. Or not ever-so-politely; whatever works best. I’m pissed. Pissed at people and their dogs (there’s roughly 3 or 4 assholes in our neighborhood that feel their little pooches should be able to run free) and people and their chunky bully sons. With all the talks we’ll be having with our neighbors this weekend, I’m sure we’ll become the most hated people on the block. Dog nazis. Overprotective parents. Whatever.
Mia, thankfully, has no problem taking care of herself. At storytime the other day, the Librarian read "The Night Before Christmas" and when she got to the part that says, "He turned with a JERK," Mia, who had been a happy little chatterbox all day, stopped her, looked her dead in the eye, and solemnly said, "YOU do not say that word to ME."
Poor Miss Kay, the librarian, thought explaining would help. "To jerk means to move very fast," and she smiled, thinking the problem was solved.
"That is not a nice word," Mia said in her stone-cold tone. She narrowed her eyes. "You don’t say that word to me."
Miss Kay finally conceded. "I’m sorry."
Mia stayed in Dirty Harry mode for the remainder of storytime.

UPDATE: Cheyenne confided in Caleb that on Friday the fat boy-bully tried to mess with her again by standing in her way in the lunch line. She shoved him and that was that. I asked her if she’d like me to still threaten, er, talk with his parents and she begged me not to. So, I’ll keep my torch and pitchfork in storage for now. As long as she’s standing up for herself.
UPDATE: Mia has forgiven the librarian.

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5 responses to “Taking Down Names

  • C.C.

    Ummm, I know that I have a tendency to blow things WAY out of proportion, but the situation with Cheyenne is NOT OK and needs to be brought to the attention of the school’s administrators first thing Monday morning (or Tuesday, if your district observes the holiday).  Forget the parents.  These incidents need to be formally documented–especially since this creep has touched Cheyenne.  I completely understand Cheyenne’s not wanting you to make a big deal about it.  Been in her shoes a dozen times.  But her safety (as well as the safety of the other students) is involved here.  Please, please, please don’t let this go.
    As for the dog, if that dog lived in my neighborhood, it would be a pile of dust by now.
    Precious, precious Mia!!!!

  • barnyardmama

    I HATE HATE HATE the bully crap that goes on at this age.  I spent more time waggling my eyebrows and fingers at kids trying to get them to stop that.  I see a lot less of it in high school, though.  Of course, they might just be hiding it better.
    Yeah, that dog thing would PISS ME OFF.  Maybe you should have kidnapped it and held it for ransom!  Or, just threatened to have it Euthanized.  Ridiculous that they have a fenced yard, and they couldn’t just put the dog in it.

  • C.C.

    Also, in an age where children are getting expelled from school for hugging, Cheyenne’s decision to stand up for herself by shoving the bully could have resulted in her getting into serious trouble.  He could have easily gone and told on Cheyenne.  Or, he could have shoved her back–and most likely way harder than Cheyenne shoved him.  This situation is bad enough as it is.  The last thing y’all need is for Cheyenne to be viewed as a trouble maker (which she of course SOOOOO isn’t) rather than the victim.
    Does she have a favorite teacher she could go talk about this with? 

  • Nikki

    Ugh. I hate when people care so little about their animals that they just let them wonder around freely.  We had problems with the people across the street a few years ago.  They had a dog (pit bull looking thing) and no fenced in yard.  They kept it on a long chain in the yard, which is fine.  Except they’d keep it out there ALL the time.  The poor thing was hardly ever in the house.  Then it broke it’s chain and started standing on the sidewalk in front of their house growling at the kids in the neighborhood.  It even chased my neighbors kids a few times.  Stupid people didn’t realize my neighbor is a cop.  He warned them numerous times and all was well.  Then the dummies got a puppy.  Both dogs would be left outside on nights when it would get down to below freezing.   Seeing as I was the only person up at 2-3 am, I was the only one that saw this.  So, I told my neighbor.  After him warning them again,  They still didn’t seem to care. Finally enough was enough and the SP’s came and took both dogs away.  The first dog had become even more agressive.  The thing that got me was that these people had a little girl. She was no more than 3 at the time. 
    On a lighter note,  I saw Mia’s doppleganger (okay, I just wanted to use a big word) at a McDonald’s about an hour south of where I live.  She walked in with her daddy/grandpaw/sugar daddy and I swear I was looking for you to walk in after. LOL  I’m horrible at determing how old children are just by looking at them, but this girl couldn’t have been more than 4. 

  • Joell

    Call the school and then go kick the crap out of the kid and his mom.  There is NO excuse for that kid’s behavior!
    I hope I never piss Mia off.  She might want me to "go ahead. Make her day"….*shiver*

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