Life IS NOT Candy

Life is hard, and I’m doping up on Benedryl to handle it.
Sunday I got my very first ticket ever in my life. I knew it was coming. They’ve started road work on the main highway in our town and switched the speed limit from 55 mph to 35 mph. I knew it was just a matter of time–but more importantly, I haven’t transferred over my Florida driver’s license to Oklahoma since we moved here 3 years ago. (Miss Red Van–I predicted this on your blog about being pulled over. I blame you.) The girls and I had just come from watching "Bee Movie" I knew as soon as that cop passed me that I was done. Sure enough, I saw those damn lights in my rearview mirror coming around the corner.
The officer was very nice, probably because of the children staring him down in the back seat. I apologized immediately for speeding, saying that I wasn’t yet used to the change. I was in the rattier of our 2 cars and I was looking good and feelin’ fly with a new haircut and clean teeth…but even my gi-normous pregnancy boobs couldn’t get me out of this one. I got a ticket for speeding and a verbal warning for the driver’s license. Then I drove the rest of the .12 miles home in tears.
Caleb was pissed to say the least. He held it in pretty good, with minimal lecturing and clenched teeth. Then I realized I left my cell phone at the movie theater.
A fucking bee. For no reason. Right after watching the be-kind-to-bees "Bee Movie". What the hell? What are the odds of that happening? It was a perfectly shitty end to a perfectly shitty day.
Monday I had an 8:00 a.m. appointment with the dietician. She charged $140.00 per hour to tell me that everything I’m doing is fine. My food choices are perfect. My weight loss is healthy. Everything is great.
Then I paid my ticket. Then I picked up my cell phone, which, thankfully, WAS found and returned to the front office. Then Mia and I spent 5 grueling hours in the 13X13 cinderblock building that is the local Department of Motor Vehicles with about 100 other people. I was worried the waiting would be in vain as they stop taking people at 4:15; I got in at 4:12. Mission Impossible: Complete.
While I waited at the DMV all day with a 3-year old, Cheyenne was locked out of the house. Caleb was stuck at the Emergency Room trying to get through his 3rd round of rabies shots. When he was finally done, his car wouldn’t start, adding approximately $500.00 to the $100.00+ I’d already cost us this week. Last night we all admitted defeat and miserably went to bed early.
Today I’m tired. Lethargic. And like I said, doped up on Benedryl. I’m thanking God out the yin-yang for everything I got done yesterday, but I still think laying low for a few days is the best way to round out our very eventful, and very expensive, week. Is it really only Tuesday?

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5 responses to “Life IS NOT Candy

  • miranda

    Aww, Toni! So sucky. That’s it. You’re coming over and we’re going to fast forward straight to Christmas. I’ll be waiting. With cookies. :)I hope the rest of your week is better from here, have a great Thanksgiving!!

  • Joell

    So this is the beef, eh?  *hanging head*  Whew! I was worried that you had discovered the truth that I have one of those yappy-escaping-small-dogs-that-get-in-your-yard-and-leave-you-‘presents’-that-you-want-to-kill and that you didn’t like me anymore. 
    Is it wrong for me to be laughing right now??  I know it is, but you just have such a way of telling these stories that just cracks me up.  I’m sorry.
    Well, girl what can I say?  I totally feel your pain on the ticket/driver’s license deal.  I’m sorry for the crappiness.  It stinks.  But, surely you’re all crapped out now and it will only get better!  Happy Turkey Day, sweetie.

  • Tiffany

    Oh my god… RABIES shots?  What the hell girl?  I’ve got some reading to do!  My due date is May 12th.  6 days after my birthday and 2 after Britt’s.  Of course…. Baylee was 2 months early so we will just wait and see what happens I guess.  I’ve been taking Bendectin for the morning (all day) sickness.  It was HORRIBLE and I just couldn’t do without something being that I stay at home with Baylee now.  So, I’m going to try to get off of it soon.  It’s a miracle drug though… I don’t even feel prego… just that my belly is getting big and the boobs are HUGE!
    Well, need to fix dinner… I will stop back by soon to catch up!  Missed ya!

  • Bev

    Bless your heart!!  What a MEAN cop!!!  Okie cops, particularly in small towns, are the absolute worst!!  And all  the rest on top of that.  Geez!!  Lay low and I hope you have a good Thanksgiving anyway.

  • barnyardmama

    THAT is a terrible day.  Terrible.  I don’t know what to tell you about that one.
    I did have a thought about Cheyenne and I don’t want you to kill me for saying this, but could she be depressed?  I had my first major depressive episode at age twelve.  This is group therapy, right?  Kidding aside, this is prime time for this stuff to start, and she’s got a bunch of the typical symptoms.  Just a thought–you’re her mother, not me, so I could be way off-base here.

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