Who’s Next?

I’ve only got energy for an update and a few sassy sentences today before I go and attack the refrigerator.
Jenny is a-okay–and still very much intact as far as the pregnancy goes. She’s gone back and forth to the doctor these past several days only to be sent home time and time again to "wait it out". Fortunately the contractions have tapered off somewhat and she’s not completely miserable anymore. So, no baby as of yet, and hopefully no time extremely soon.
Our friend Jaimie, who is due right around the same day as my sister, is also "on the verge" and actually has been for the last month or so. She’s having a terrible time not going into labor…what is up with pregnant chicks these days? Watch: I’ll be the one to be still full of baby 14 days after my due date.
Cheyenne, my poor girl, got sick at school yesterday with some kind of wicked bad stomach virus; Caleb picked her up at around 10:00 and she threw up practically every 5 minutes for the next 12 hours. It was so horrible. She was just beside herself; she couldn’t even make it to the bathroom half the time so I strategically placed a big blue bowl at the floor by her bed. What really sucks is that she seemed to wait until I walked in to check on her–so I usually got to witness the…you know…and although I’ve pretty much gotten over my morning sickness, everytime she did it, I could feel myself getting sicker and sicker. Today, Caleb and I are basically living in fear: Who’s going to get it next? Every little gurgle in my stomach is freaking me out, so much that I’ve not eaten as much as I probably ought to–I guess maybe the less I eat, the less awful throwing up will be? Except now I’m hungry and I’m about to gorge myself on left-overs…I’ll probably make myself sick without even having contracted a bug…
Enough of that lovely talk. Cheyenne’s feeling better today. Mia is still her wild and crazy self so I know she’s fine, and Caleb is still trying to shake his cold…and deal with more side effects from yet another rabies shot and round of antibiotics. People, don’t ever let a dog bite you–this shit goes on forever.
Sunday turned out to be fairly pleasant–clear and freezing, but sunny, so we took what we could get and trucked out to the tree farm we like to go to. We picked out a great 9 foot tree and put that puppy up the instant we got home. It was lighted and decorated before bedtime. I used to love fake trees–absolutely NO HASSLE–but Caleb is a die-hard real tree kind of guy, and so over the years, I’ve "converted".  And I sort of love the little "tradition" we have going of visiting the tree farm, riding around on a big fat wagon, picking out a tree, and chopping it down together. We have so much fun–and we get free hot chocolate! It smells so good and looks so good. Real trees are recyclable. They are a crop. They give people oxygen. And they provide habitats for little woodland creatures. At least, that’s what the brochures say. Putting up a live tree isn’t really even a chore for us. I’m vacuuming dog hair everyday anyway so the pine needles are no additional trouble. And even if having a real tree was a little bit of a hassle, it’s worth the effort.
Oh, and me? Great. Dandy. My mission for today is CHRISTMAS CARDS–every year I have this goal to get them out before the end of the first week of December…it’s good to dream…

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6 responses to “Who’s Next?

  • Nikki

    Ugh. Poor Cheyenne. I hope neither of you guys get it.  Chris is sick too.  He’s got an ear infection and a throat infection.  Men are the biggest babies in the world when they are sick.  I’ve downed about a gallon of orange juice in the past 2 days in hopes it’ll help me not get sick.  So far…so good.
    I don’t really sew.  I’m learning.  Chris bought me that sewing machine for Christmas last year.  So far all I’ve made are dog bandanas. haha.  I asked for a cheap machine to learn on. What does he do? Buys me a $300 Singer. Men!

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I’m sorry to hear about Cheyenne!  I hate being sick like that myself! 
    I’m hoping the next house we move in to will have wood floors in the living room.  That’s why we bought a fake tree last year because I didn’t want the pine needles getting in the carpet.  I would love to start the tree farm tradition for us! 
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • Bev

    I am glad your sister is doing okay and the baby hasn’t come early so far.  I know you are so excited about this baby and I hope all continues to go well for her. 
    Poor Chyenne and poor Caleb!!  Did your neighbors have to do something for Caleb  like pay the doc bills since it was their dog that bit him??  Just wondering. 
    Take care, girl!

  • barnyardmama

    Well, I hope your sis is OK, but I think 35 weeks is pretty good.  I have a doctor friend who said her OB wouldn’t stop her if she made it to 35 weeks. 
    Your Thanksgiving pictures looks fabulous.  I’m not sure about the real tree thing, but my husband doesn’t get the tree thing at all.  He thinks they’re a big pain in the ass and he would NEVER agree to go out and get one.  I’m lucky that he helps me set up the plastic one here at the house.  I really hope I get my decorations up in time this year.  Unpacking is taking all my energy and Christmas just keeps getting closer.

  • Bev

    I absolutelyLOVE your tree!!  Mia is a child after my own heart.  I love Christmas trees and ornaments and lights.  I just LOVE them.  Perhaps remembering a child’s wonder will  get me through getting my tree up and through the holidays.
    I hope everyone is feeling better now!!

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… LOVE the new pics of the tree, dogs and the girls.  Cheyenne is growing up it seems from the last pics and Mia is getting SO tall!  Yes, the little belly has been my favorite with her.  Back in May/June she was a CHUNK, but she’s starting to slim down a bit now that she’s getting some height to her.
    My Sister is a complete dumbass!  I’m actually somewhat happy that we aren’t doing Christmas as bad as that sounds.  I just know there would be some kind of drama and I don’t want to deal with it… especially since I’m prego and bitchy this round of pregnancy!  :)
    Anyway… you will have to post as soon as you find out and I will do the same! 
    Big Hugs!

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