That Seemed Too Easy…

Baby Reese Elizabeth was born Wednesday, December 5th, at around 8:30 or so at night, weighing only 4 pounds and 14 ounces…although my sister had some early contractions just a few days before, we were all a little stunned when her water broke that afternoon. They had the baby a little under 5 hours later. She’s tiny, for sure, but as far as anyone can tell, she’s healthy and might even be going home today if everything checks out. It’s so exciting–I’m officially an AUNT now!
So there’s the update on that–I’m still in a little bit of shock–it happened so fast! I had just talked to Jenny that day (probably not long before her water actually broke) and she was feeling pretty good. She said the contractions had eased up a little…so yeah, everyone was pretty much taken by surprise. But, the baby’s here, she’s doing great…and now I’ve got to go out and get the kid some Christmas presents. 🙂
My dad, who had surgery on his heart just last week, got the job he’d interviewed for–DELIVERY MANAGER at the new Lowe’s back home. He’s retired military and did run his own delivery service a few years back so this should be right up his alley. He starts training next week.
I miss my family so much it makes me sick right now…but I can’t help but be insanely happy for all of them.
Well, that’s everything interesting in my world for right now. You all have a good weekend!

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7 responses to “That Seemed Too Easy…

  • Tiffany

    Congratulations!  The baby is beautiful and I’m glad Mom and baby are both doing good!  That is awesome that she might be able to come home too!  Especially being so tiny, but if she is eating good and doesn’t require oxygen then that is just wonderful!  And, what a great Christmas present for everyone?  How early was she?
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for the compliments about Baylee.  Her hair is curly, just not quite that curly.  I helped it along a little with a tiny curling iron.  She LOVES when I fix her hair!
    Baylee was 2 months early… weighing 3 lbs 12 oz and she had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks… in the NICU.  When she came home she only weighed 4 lbs 7 oz so she was still tiny.  I pumped A LOT of milk (we ended up buying a new deep freeze because I had so much) and they tube fed her for the first 2 weeks.  I remember she could only eat like 1 ML per feeding… which is like a couple of drops of milk.  By the time she came home she was only eating between 1-2 ounces per feeding so we had to supplement along with my breastmilk. 
    It is amazing what they can do for these little baby’s!  I’m so glad that she is okay… and I love her name!
    Hugs  Tiffany

  • C.C.

    Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy!  And Super-duper congrats to the new AUNT!!!  WHOOHOO!!!!!!  From her picture, Reese sure looks nice-sized and healthy!  Here’s hoping all goes well!

  • Normal Every Day Life

    She is beautiful!!  Reese must be a popular name, I have a friend that just named her baby Reese.

  • Nikki

    Welcome to the world of being an Aunt! Reese is adorable.  Congrats to Jenny and James (that is his name right? lol).  Someone in your family needs to spit out a baby boy!

  • barnyardmama

    CONGRATULATIONS to you and to Jenny.  Warning: people will make jokes that this is a day "That will live in infamy."  IF she was actually born on Dec 7th. 
    I’m so sorry that you are missing your family right now.  I know how hard that can be.

  • Joell

    So I’m catching up on the Toni-blog.  So excited that your niece arrived and things are good.  Congrats to all.  I know you must miss your "people" especially right now.  Trust me, I know how hard it is to be far away from your "people". 
    Glad you are feeling well and that you finally got to fill that Christmas tree shaped void in your life with the break in the weather! 

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