Really Great Neighbors, Dog Blood, and Baby Names

Last night Caleb and I (got to escape from, I mean, took a break from, I mean…) HAD TO LEAVE our precious children with some friends so we could go (party, I mean, relax and eat good food, I mean…) MINGLE UNWILLINGLY AND POLITELY with one of Caleb’s dealers and his posse. (I promise, my husband does not sell drugs.) We had such a great time. I hadn’t eaten so much food since before I got pregnant and man, did I pack it away last night. I had eggplant parmesan and tiramisu, and bread out the yin-yang. There was a girl that is scheduled to have a baby 2 days before me, and we talked our pregnant heads off the entire night. Eerie coincidence: She’s also lost exactly 16 pounds. Coolio.
Caleb and I don’t get out much–I’m not really sure why…Mia’s old enough to do okay with a babysitter now and then…but we’re a little paranoid about who we leave our kids with. Plus, we tend to be homebodies and can really get ourselves into a hermit-crab state of mind at times. Oh, and the dogs. Everytime we leave the house I wonder what will be ruined when we return. But last night our friends (and neighbors) came to the rescue–they offered, we jumped…it’s soooo nice to know the girls are being completely taken care of by someone we trust and that they like. Apparently Mia had a grand old time, chasing their dog and their fish (yes, the fish) and running around their living room…She absolutely adores these people and I could tell she had the time of her life. I hope she didn’t wear anybody out. And so, thank you, Mr. Billy and Miss Shawna–same fine folks that helped Caleb cook our Thanksgiving turkey. They are just basically awesome people.
Back to my annoying-ass dogs–this story is too much to keep inside. Friday night the girls and I returned home from grocery shopping–it was cold and dark and foggy and drizzly…nasty, nasty, nasty. Cheyenne went in the house while I got Mia out of her carseat–and she promptly ran back out screaming that there was "blood all over the house". Scary–I told her to stay right there with Mia while I checked things out. I went inside and Holy Cracker Barrel, you’d thought there was a chainsaw massacre. Blood was everywhere–in pools, drips, smears, all over the floor in every room that wasn’t closed off. Gross. It turned out that Smokey had broken a toenail–and that was it. But damn those little things bleed. Luckily we shut all the doors to the rooms with carpet so all I had to do was mop it up off the tile and the wood floors. But even that took 40 minutes. Smokey is fine–we took him to the Big Gay Al veterinarian in our town and got him all bandaged up. The house is blood-free. What a night.
On to baby matters: with me breaking under pressure like I am at our upcoming ultrasound appointment, I’ve been scouring the baby name books like a woman on a serious mission. Not that I have to name the kid the instant we know what it is…it’s just that I want to get in all the dreaming about girls’ names that I can. If this is a boy, and if this is our last one, then for me to ponder "Lucy" will be perfectly acceptable only for the next few weeks…after that, Lucy, or any other name I come up with, will be pretty much pointless. Caleb revoked my rights to name a baby boy, a little because of the "deal" we made, but mostly because I told him I thought "Otto" sounded kind of cool.
And so, just for all you baby-name-freaks out there, here’s a few more I’ve been tossing around. It might be the last chance I ever get to even think about the possiblity of using them on a human child…unless Caleb thinks "Lucy" would sound equally cute on a son as it would our daughter.
  • Lucy, Lola, Annabel–The obvious. The 3 names from my original list that have actually stuck with me. The rest…eh.
  • Tessa, Susannah, Molly–cute. Real cute. Could I be serious about them? Possibly. But maybe I’ll toss them out next week.
  • Gemma, Chiara, Veronica–maybe it’s just the Catholic Italian in me…I’ve always sort of loved these names.
  • Roxie, Ottalie–okay, fine. They might be better suited for my dogs, but ain’t they snazzy? And in my defense, I did like the name Otto. So that one can’t really come as a surprise, can it? 
  • Brighton–I like it, but Brighton and our family can never be…I refuse to saddle our child with the initials B.M. "Oh, come on," you say. Don’t care. I just won’t do it. Ditto goes for Britta, Brenna, and Bridget–3 other names I’d be considering had our last name not been what it is.

And that, folks, is about all I got. For now. I realize after writing that list that some of those might sound pretty off-the-wall to the people I know…but I’m a little off-the-wall myself, so I don’t feel too bad. And next week I’ll probably have a whole new and improved set of names, and, in a few more weeks, if we are indeed having a girl, the entire "Baby Name Wizard" will be my baby-naming oyster. As if I weren’t obsessed enough.


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8 responses to “Really Great Neighbors, Dog Blood, and Baby Names

  • C.C.

    Tessa was on my list, too!!!!  What about Giada on the Catholic Italian list? 
    Otto?  Really?
    That’s great about y’all getting to go have some adult time!!!!

  • Bev

    I haven’t gotten on in a while and holy moly you’ve had a lot going on.  Congratulations on little Miss Reese!!  What a precious baby!!  I think naming a baby would be SO hard.  I wish you luck on that one. 
    Glad to hear you and Caleb had some fun at the party!  I love holiday parties!!  We have one Tuesday night if it isn’t called off due to the stinkin’ weather…and being a fellow Okie, I know that you KNOW what I mean!  I hope you all are doing okay!

  • barnyardmama

    I think I’m still in love with Lucy or Lola.  The other names aren’t bad, but I’m picturing some Mia curls on a Lucy or a Lola and that just seems perfect.
    But really, you’ve got good taste–you’ll figure it out.

  • miranda

    Yay for Baby Reese!! Auntie Toni, has a nice ring to it, no?I can’t wait for you guys to find out if it’s a boy or a girl – what fun you two will have. :)Take care, have a good Monday!

  • Tiffany

    YOU are cracking me up!  That is awesome that you and Caleb got out of the house without the kids.  It’s always nice knowing the kids are safe and sound.  We don’t do it near as much as we should.  It’s either one or the other of us getting together with our friends…but hardly ever together.  This weekend we will be attending Supper Club without Baylee so that will be nice to not run around after her at someone else’s house all night.
    Ouch on the doggie toenail…yes, they bleed so bad!  I heard if you put their paw in flour in helps to clot the blood… I’ve never tried it… just heard of it!
    You know…our last name also ends with M. and I’ve been contemplating a B. name for a girl.  Baylee’s initials are J.B.M. (she obviously goes by her middle name just like her Dad).  So, really it would just depend on what you want to put with it for a middle name.  I agree with C.C.  I love Giada!  TOO CUTE!
    Big Hugs to you!

  • Shawna

    Anytime you guys need a break, we would be glad to keep your girls… they are the such a joy and Miss MIa keeps us laughing all night. Hope you are basking in all the heat and light we have been blessed with today :)  My first order of business was an incredible HOT bubble bath. Keep warm… see you soon. Shawna

  • Hilary

    I LOVE Tessa and Lola, and Brighton is actually pretty cool!  Broken toenails are a mess.  Last time we were at the vet, we were almost done and the vet looked down and there was bloody footprints everywhere.  We started frantically checking both dogs (we couldn’t figure out who it was), it turns out Dottie had ripped a callous off the back of her leg.  There was blood ALL over the vet’s floor.  Ugh, animals, can’t live with them, can’t live without them! :)

  • Joell

    First, you know I love the word COOLIO!  LOL
    Second, glad Smokey is okay and that no one was like massacred or anything, but The Big Gay Al Vet?? LOL.  Seriously?  lol
    Third, I love your top three names…Lucy, Lola and Annabel.  I also love Tessa.  Brighton just makes me think of purses and jewelry. One of my college roomies named her twin daughters Anne (it is her mom’s name) and Gemma (it was her mil’s name before she moved from Malta to the US and changed her name to Jean. LOL).  I really like it.
    Can’t wait to hear what it’s gonna be!!

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