The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay people, we’re having a boy! We had a great Christmas and we’re all pretty stoked; we had the ultrasound on Friday and our kid had his own personal moon-bounce thing going on. Apparently he’s super-extreme. We asked the tech to write down in an envelope what it was and we opened it this morning; we called everyone we knew in a matter of minutes. Awesome.
Mia’s dubbed the little guy Diego, Caleb’s undecided, and my dad’s rooting for Duncan–obviously someone’s been watching a little too much Highlander and I guess our last name just lend itself to that…
Name game aside, I am still reeling a little bit, even though I kind of had a feeling…now it’s real. Wild. What do I do with a boy? I mean, besides decorating his room with dinosaurs playing baseball on firetrucks.
More on that later on. Merry Christmas everybody!

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6 responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Bev

    Congratulations on the baby boy that is coming!!  You know, you will figure it out….about what to do with a boy.  I bet Caleb is just busting with pride. 
    It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas all around.  Now, it sounds like there will be a great new year!!  You take care my friend!!

  • Nikki

    Aww. Congrats on the boy! Duncan would so totally go with your last name. lol  I guess me saying someone in your family needed to spit out a boy came true huh? Yay!
    I hope you guys had a great Christmas. Chris & I are up in WV for the holidays. We’re leaving in the morning to head back to NC. 

  • C.C.

    Fantastic!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!
    Where did you get Mia’s duck slippers???????????

  • miranda

    A BOY!! Congratulations, I am SO happy for you and Caleb!

  • Tiffany

    That is AWESOME news!  How exciting!  Boys are a lot of fun and I’m sure little Mia will keep him in check and entertained!  :)
    Big Hugs – Tiff

  • Joell

    OH WOW!! I am SO excited!!  Congratulations.  Don’t worry about not knowing what to do with a boy…somehow I think Mia will instinctively know! LOL. 
    Duncan is adorable!  Duncan Diego.  Yes.

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