Daily Dose of Random-ness

  I’ve nothing specific to blog about at the moment, so here are some things that come to my mind for no particular reason:
  I’ve been walking again since the weather has been so lovely here. Yesterday it was back to being a little on the freezing side, but I hated to stay indoors so I put on Caleb’s brand-new Carhart jacket and started trucking around the neighborhood. I was warm and toasty but I must’ve looked like the friggin’ Uni-bomber, with the hood completely covering my face and jacket swallowing my arms and most of my legs…my jeans kept falling down (I have to wear them under my belly, okay?) so I pulled my arms inside of the coat and held them up as I went on: a short, fat, armless uni-bomber shadily making my way past beautiful golf course homes. Other ladies walking crossed to the opposite side of the street when they saw me, and they wouldn’t even wave…normally I would’ve been miffed, but the whole situation struck me as funny, so I giggled to myself, which, I’m sure, weirded the ladies out even more. Bitches.
  Mia is so indescribably sweet these days, even when she’s being a stinky boy (her words, not mine). Read on:
  • "Mom. Don’t these roller skates make great back-massagers? Don’t they?"
  • "Can I kiss my baby? I can’t wait to hold him. Diego, when are you coming out?"
  • "I went ahead and got out all my library books for you, Mommy, so that you don’t have to do all the work. You can just read them."
  • "I set up all my games for us in the living room, Mommy, so that you can do something fun today."
  • "Mom, lay down. I got my roller skates out for you."

  Cheyenne has started fresh in the new year with some kick-ass new clothes, shoes, and accessories. She’s somewhat back to her old self; she’s talking to her old friends again and she’s even picked up a few new friends. I’m enjoying it as much as she is, I think, for now, but I won’t be surprised if she goes through another anti-social cycle before the school year’s out. But at least she’ll be stylin’ if she does.

  I noticed her school put up a new sign over the holiday. This plain, black-and-white notice is about the size of a speed-limit sign, is placed in a most obscure location and it proclaims to all who exit (not enter, EXIT) the main parking lot "This is a drug-free and a gun-free school". Whew. That was a close one. Because before that sign, I might have accidentally brought drugs or guns on campus. But knowing what I know now, thanks to that sign, I won’t. And I’m just sure it will stop the people that intended to sneak that stuff in right in their tracks. That’ll deter ’em. Geez. Who’s idea was that? Couldn’t that $50 have been better spent on something else? This school is falling apart. There’s not a day that goes by where every toilet in the bathroom overflows…unless you count the days in which there is not water in the building at all, which is about half the time. Could the money have gone to buy a few books for the dinky excuse of a library (seriously, we have more books here at the house than they do at the middle school)? What about some basketballs for the playground? Some actual hoops for the basketball goals? Tether balls for the tether-ball poles? Jump ropes that aren’t kindergarten-size and 50 years old? Air fresheners to help tone down the smell of mold? A gymnasium ceiling that’s not leaking and crumbling?

  But I digress…

  Shadow hasn’t eaten in the past 24 hours, and seems to have no intention whatsoever of moving from her cozy bed anytime today. When I go to sit with her, she lifts her head and wags her tail…so she can’t feel too bad. I brought her food but she’s not interested, no matter what kind of yummy stuff I mix in with it. She laid around all night last night burping–loud and long–it was weird. And gross. She’s got to get hungry sooner or later…I will keep an eye on the situation.



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3 responses to “Daily Dose of Random-ness

  • Chantel

    I read often, but rarely comment (sorry!).  I just had to leave a comment today because you actually had me laughing out loud…honestly – a short, fat, armless uni-bomber???  LOL  You really should start writing a column for your local paper or something – you are too funny!
    (I didn’t leave a link because I’ve stopped keeping a blog…I only seem to have time to read them anymore!)

  • barnyardmama

    Hey Toni.  Getting caught up.   Congrats on the boy.  I don’t know if I’m turning him into a sissy, but Charlie gets kisses non-stop.  I’ll just blame my husband if he’s too much of a girly-girl.
    Charlie’s middle name is Jackson, but there are a lot of them out there, so I maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  I can’t wait to hear what you eventually come up with.  Keep us updated on that fun.
    Walking–I should consider that.  Right now the only walking I’ve been doing is around Target.
    My friend who’s due around the same time as you is also having a boy–she’s naming it her maiden name.   Things are getting here quickly!!

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… wasn’t the weather nice?  I think "wasn’t" was the key word.  I woke up this morning to a lovely 28 degrees.  I would rather sweat my freaking ass off then deal with this cold ass weather!  It’s depressing to say the least.  I agree with the Chantel person… you really should write for the paper! 
    That’s funny about you walking around dressed like that… sounds like something I would do!  hehehe
    Hugs – Tiffany

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