Good To Know!

I’ve been feeling a little cruddy ever since Sunday; I think the baby is sitting on an important nerve that runs straight to my…well. Um…Anyway, on top of that, I’ve been a little stuffed up and coughy. I wasn’t really worried about it until I talked to my mom the other day about my sister Katie’s ultimate diagnosis: WALKING FUCKING PNEMONIA.
Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention yesterday.
Not that I would’ve given up the trip to go visit everybody, nor would I have requested she stay in Pensacola while the rest of us partied hard…but I would have kept a 12 foot radius away from her at all times and opted to forgo using her toothbrush…damnit.
Just kidding about that last part. But we did straighten our hair together, side by side, 2 inches away from each other. Plus I sat by her and picked at all the food she didn’t eat at dinner. And I did put my toothbrush next to hers in the guest bathroom, so that’s sort of close to the same thing…isn’t it?
Honestly I’m not feeling so bad. I think I’m more worn out and crampy than anything. Every night, I simply must be in bed by 8:00. I’m usually not, but I feel like I ought to be. It’s that time of night where the day finally hits me and I’m just too freaking tired to do another thing. It’s hurting to walk–how is it that I’m only 25 weeks along? Have I miscalculated something? Could the doctors have missed an additional baby (or 2 or 3) hiding in there somewhere?
Alright, so, now that I have my complaining paragraph out of the way…I’ve been given the task of painting 6 rubber half-bodies. How cool is that? It’s good to know people in law enforcement; the rubber men will be used for some sort of target practice or combat practice, which I feel is unfair because they don’t have any arms or legs. So, I’m the one that gets to make hard-core gang-bangers out of them. I’m stoked. I’ve never painted a rubber man before. I’ll update you all on my progress with that…it should be interesting to say the least…oh, the sheer awesomeness of it…
Mia is determined to watch Star Wars today: "You know, Mommy…the one with Padame and Darth Sidius." "Pada-what? Darth WHO?" "Hguuurrgh. Darth Sidius. Oh! Wait–let me go get my light saber!"
I should probably never go on vacation without my children again.

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3 responses to “Good To Know!

  • ♥ Aimee

    i think there is more than one in me too…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  • barnyardmama

    Do you know that I am currently reading four blogs with pregnant ladies? You, Tiffany, skrumshz, and antonella.  Apparently Spaces is fertile ground.
    I’d start main-lining some vitamin C if I were you–can’t hurt.  And drink tons of water to flesh out any yucky stuff.
    Very cool about painting the half-people.  You’ll have to share some pictures. 

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I’m sorry you’ve been feeling bad!  I finally stopped feeling stuffed up and now I just can’t sleep.  I can’t get comfy and I think it’s just going to be like that until I have this baby.  Baylee is starting to cough again… I have a feeling she will be getting another ear infection, but she’s not running a fever yet.  Just a runny nose and slight cough so far.  UGH… I wish she would get better.
    I’m NOT looking forward to work tomorrow.  It’s just getting hard to bend over and pick stuff up and I do a lot of that on Monday’s. 
    Anyway… I hope you had a most wonderful weekend!  If I lived closer I would be bringing you some soup!
    Big Hugs – Tiffany

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