What the French, Toast?

Well crap.
It seems the picture of baby bedding I stole from babydepot.com is not showing up on my blog anymore, at least not to me. So nevermind. At any rate, I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea and truth be told, I’m not quite sure why I like it either; I guess because I know I can’t do a full-out baby room complete with mural and funky accessories, than the thrill of finding some totally unique bedding is lost on me. I don’t mind. Like the kid’s really going to be sleeping in his own room anyways…
Today I have a lot to do and only a little time to do it. Common sense would tell me to get off this damn computer and get started but we all know how much I hate common sense. Saturday I’m breaking loose from my family yet again to go to a winery with some friends. We’ve talked about it for months…well, more like 12 months to be exact, but I’ve heard that normal people have these things called jobs, and lives, and I can understand the delay. I’m the obvious choice for the role of designated driver, and I don’t mind. It’ll be good to hang out with real grown-up girls and I’m looking foward to it…provided it doesn’t snow like crazy. Fingers crossed.
I watched a little bit of news this morning–apparently this Obama dude’s doing pretty well…I’m really terrible. I should pay more attention to all that political stuff than I do. I only know that I like Clinton and Obama about as much as I could like any candidate, mainly because they didn’t bicker non-stop during their debate a couple weeks ago. I could be wrong about that, though. I want to know who McCain would have as his vice president, because let’s face it: the man looks like he could drop dead at any minute. Mike Huckabee–is he some kind of preacher? Because I have a hard time liking preachers as it is, and the thought of a preacher-turned-politician certainly doesn’t sit well with me. And I’m kind of glad Mitt Romney’s out of the picture, since he probably would’ve used up the nation’s supply of hair gel with that big honkin’ presidential salary. Not that I use hair gel or anything.

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3 responses to “What the French, Toast?

  • barnyardmama

    I like the bedding.   You know what might be fun?  Since you’re not going all out with a mural and everything. . . maybe you could get a little chandelier for the room with shades and you could paint the shades.  Does that sound crazy?  Maybe.
    Huckabee was, in fact, a preacher.  I’m not into the political thing either, but Jenn over at singlejenn is all about Obama and she sucked me in some.  I liked a guy named Edwards, but he dropped out of the race.  My husband is always quick to remind me that all politicians suck, so it’s hard for me to get into the stuff too much.
    I’m not sure what fabric I would use on the chairs.  I have a love affair with fabric that is a little out of control especially since I can’t sew.  I have a bunch lying around my house waiting to be used, but I’m also not above spending a couple of hours at the fabric store.  My MIL does help me make curtains, which is nice.
    I’m not sure if it’s you that asked, but the clover wreath on my front door is from Michael’s.

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… The winery trip sounds like fun!  I want to take one this Summer to our local winery!
    I’m not much in to politics really.  I like Huckabee because he was good when he was the Governor of Arkansas.  He did a lot of good things for our State.  My husband insists that I vote Republican, but that’s my choice and he can’t force the pencil on that box!
    My appt went well today… I didn’t expect much because I didn’t figure he would "check" me.  He just measured my belly, weighed me, took my blood pressure and listened to the heartbeat.  Baylee went with me… and she was well-behaved once again.  She’s been 150% better lately out in public.
    Big Hugs – Tiffany

  • ♥ Aimee

    !!Happy Valentines Day!!
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

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