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Captain’s Log, Tuesday, the Nineteenth of February, year two-thousand and eight. Week 27 of pregnancy three. The entire lower half of my body is sore and achy, especially at night, and the baby kicks so hard–it feels like my belly is being used as a hamster wheel of some sort, and I actually worry about being rocked and rolled right out of bed. I don’t know when it happened, exactly, but I can’t see my toes. At all. I can’t even reach my toes; bending over is somewhat painful which is making me lazier and lazier as the days go by. 
Still a little aggrivated with spaces. Having trouble leaving comments, which is a shame, because there have been somethings I really wanted to comment on but now forget what they are. All you people out there that I read, great stuff lately. Know that.
Yesterday I gave Darcy and Smokey baths. I don’t know what got into me. Hopefully they can maintain the clean for at least another day. Shadow seemed a little miffed that I did not attend to her; I apologized and explained that I have only so much energy. She peed on the carpet last night for revenge anyway.
Saturday did indeed turn out to be awesome, despite the torrential rain and freezing drizzle; the neighborhood ladies and I ended up making the trek to Tres Suenos winery just north of the city–but not before stopping for a very grown up and delicious lunch at The Elephant Bar. I made piglet out of my unborn kid and ate every damn bite off my humongous plate of food…good stuff. I was extremely very lady-like and I hardly cussed out loud at all, which as you know, for me, wasn’t easy at all; I may have secured myself a spot in the next road trip. In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun. Yes, it did rain non-stop, and yes, we were little worried when we took a detour down a dark and lonely washed-out dirt road that went on for miles and miles…but I’ve heard the adventure of getting there can be just as fun as the destination itself.
The highlight of my day came when we stopped off of Route 66 at this gas station/tourist trap/soda shop/diner place called Pop’s: we couldn’t not stop–the building drew us in with its wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows lined with old-school glass soda bottles that you could actually buy–and drink! Soda from all over the place. Soda in every color of the rainbow, in every flavor you could imagine…Pop’s paraphanelia out the yin-yang. And so, knowing that I wouldn’t be purchasing any wine, I indulged and got myself a handy little cardboard six-pack container and stocked up…for the kids, of course. I also bought 4 coozies in an assorment of colors for the family…and some postcards. You know those Hallmark commercials where some dude buys this stupid little singing stuffed animal and starts imagining the happiness it will bring to the person he gives it to? That was me: I with the orange coozy, Caleb with the lime-green, Mia with the purple and Cheyenne with the pink–each with coordinating color soda, in coozy, in hand, toasting to the greatness of me, Mom, for my fabulous purchase.
In reality, Mia wanted the orange coozy, I got stuck with the purple, Cheyenne wasn’t really up for soda, and Caleb wound up with the only semi-good-tasting bottle: Tony Soprano’s Limoncello soda…which sooooo did not match his coozy.
And the neighborhood ladies found out just how crazy I get over piddly, touristy junk.
We drove past the "Round Barn" a little ways down the road. I’m still trying to figure out the secret of its coolness; my only guess right now is that it’s old and it’s on Route 66–ooooohhh…..aaahhhhh. At any rate, I want to take the family there when the weather gets warmer and drier. I also caught a glimpse of hiking trails as we passed a state park in the area. The winery was super-neato, even for a pregnant woman who couldn’t drink; the pouring lady was a little stingy with her wine and I was a little disappointed for my friends. During the summer months you can actually go and harvest grapes (and stomp them "when time allows"–not really sure what that means but…) so plans are in the making, at least in my head, for another trip up there–and by that time I’ll be able to indulge slightly…as long as I haven’t filled up on Limoncello soda.

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5 responses to “Get Your Kicks

  • barnyardmama

    I’ve had some trouble leaving comments myself.  Plus, msn has now banned me from using my picture unless I use their blog address–betches. 
    Sounds like you had a good time.  I, too, suffer a little bit with the concept of not cursing a lot infront of strangers, but luckily I’m back in New Orleans now where that is pretty much acceptable. 
    27 weeks and already hurting, eh?  Got a ways to go.  Since it’s pregnancy three, though, it will probably be more like ten weeks than thirteen.

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I’m so glad you got to go to the winery and you had fun!  It would of been even better if you could of drank the wine!  :)  Oh, how I’m DYING to have a drink at this moment in my pregnancy!  Oh well… yes, the uncomfortable stage… I’m right there with you girlfriend.  I can still see my toes and tie my shoes… but getting out of bed… that’s pretty comical! 
    Big Hugs to you!

  • ♥ Aimee

    great idea mom…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~* 

  • Bev

    Oh man!!  I have heard of Pops, but have never been there.  Some friends of mine went and they loved it like you did!!  It does sound like a trip back to the vineyards when you are no longer preggers would be warranted. 
    Bless your heart (and ummm your poor tummy!!).  It cannot be fun feeling like you are carrying a rugby player in your tummy!  I hope this bad weather snap passes quickly so my BFF can come in from Arkansas tomorrow!!  This good old Okie weather sure is playing havoc with everyone’s health too.  I hope you and yours stay well!!  Take care, girl!!

  • Joell

    Sounds like a really fun time.
    Ain’t pregnancy grand??  :-)

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