Miller Chills, Cherry Cordials, and Space Bags

Captain’s Log Week 31, Day 2 or 3. I am perpetually exhausted and sore almost all over. Since the weather has been cooperating for the past week, I’ve started to pick up walking again, even if my route is less than half the distance it used to be. I’m convinced that this quarter-mile slow waddle has me sleeping better at night. If I’m moving, I’m out of breath; sometimes I’m out of breath just sitting down–which if I can help it, I do a lot of. I can’t eat much in one sitting without getting a crazy case of heartburn, yet I’m hungry all the time. I crave eggs–the one food I normally can’t stomach. I can only put flip-flops on my poor, tender and swollen feet. I am weepy and hormonal. I’ve cried for no apparent reason almost everyday over the past week. I be straight trippin’.
I long for beer. My husband brought home a pack of Miller Chills, Chelada Style, the other day. My mouth watered. I died a little inside everytime he took a sip. And you know things are bad when you’re actually trying to catch a whiff of your husband’s beer belches.
Today I had dreams of Easter shopping at Walmart. I let go of them at 3:30 when I woke up from a nap and realized that I still had not had a shower nor had I finished any of the chores I set out to get done this morning. I called Caleb and now my very specific, color-coded Easter list is in his hands. The last time this happened he came home with every kind of chocolate-covered-whatnot known to man. He bought himself some cherry-cordials and hid them for over a year, only to find them the following Easter when he bought and hid some more. I shudder to think what he might be putting in the cart even as we speak.
Life has been a bit stressful around here lately. We bounce between being super-stoked about all things baby to being plagued with worry about Caleb’s job–he’s hanging in there and things do look a smidge brighter than they did only 3 days ago. But then, that’s always the case with his business. If all else fails, I can go to work as a full-time rubber-dummy painter.
Well, no, I can’t, but wouldn’t that be pretty much the sweetest career EVER? I’d have to hone my craft though; my sister’s boyfriend is a tatoo-ninja and I hope to consult him next time to make my homies look even more authentic.
And last but not least, 2 words: SPACE BAGS. I succumbed to the info-mercials and decided to try those puppies out for myself. Caleb and I sucked down a closet full of bulky coats, a wall full of hardly-ever-worn dress clothes, 2 twin comforters and a couple cozy blankets. They are amazing! Need more room but don’t want to get rid of any of your old crap? Get some SPACE BAGS! That way you can put THAT MUCH MORE stuff you never will use into your already over-packed attic. But hey–you’ll have an empty shelf in your linen closet! In our case, we were making way in our master closet for a crib–mission accomplished. Thank you, Space Bags!
I should so get paid to advertise for these people. On top of the money I’d get for painting rubber people, Caleb could just quit his job. And then maybe he’d have time to eat the cherry cordials he’s bound to buy and hide.

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4 responses to “Miller Chills, Cherry Cordials, and Space Bags

  • ♥ Aimee

    i haven’t craved beer…but i had a sip and it does taste better…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  • Joell

    Toni!  Girl you crack me up.  You could mos’ def have a future in painting homies. 
    Near the end of my second pregnancy, the only shoes I could wear were my Birkenstocks.  It was a sight, I assure you.  I had to sleep with my feet elevated to get them to go down even the tiniest bit overnight.  It was miserable.  The good news is, it will go away…maybe not soon enough, but…
    From the Easter pics, looks like your hubby had color coded success at Wallyworld.  Kudos to him.
    I think I need me some o’ them space bags…
    As for your questions from over yonder…
    -Yes, those are my own pics.
    -Jacob and Emma are 3 yrs 3 mos apart.  He is 13, she is 9 (10 in May).  Yes, they are quite the hilarious children.  I’d like to think they inherited their humor from me.  😉  Ha ha.

  • Bev

    Boy, it seems times are tough everywhere.  My hubby is in business for himself and this economy is not helping.  But, we have weathered worse and never gone hungry.  I hope Caleb’s job situation firms up!   You surely don’t need that worry.
    I love the Easter pictures!!  You look so happy and healthy….a lovely mother-to-be (again)! 
    Have a great week, my friend!

  • barnyardmama

    Dude, call them up and ask them.  Sometimes bloggers get free stuff if they promise to give it a review on their blogs. 
    I’m glad all systems are go for operation baby.  I didn’t have one thing accomplished other than buying the crib and dresser.   He moved into a first-class mess after the hospital.  I’ll have to get my act together if I try the whole mommy-thing again.

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