You’d Think I’d Know Better

Well, yesterday evening we found out how much I DON’T know about contractions.
My lame ass sat at home for the longest time, putting up with what I thought was just a little back pain. That slowly progressed into back pain that got a tad bit worse every 5 minutes or so, but it never let up completely and I had trouble telling the difference between what was just normal pregnancy aches and pains, and actual contractions.
I dusted. I vacuumed. I did all the laundry, and the dishes. I cleaned the bathrooms, I straightened the bedrooms. I washed the dogs. I walked around the block. Caleb finally talked me into calling the doctor, who then, of course, told me to go up to Labor and Delivery to be checked. Just in case.
Long story short, we went.
…And then we left.
I was contracting, regularly, but there was no progress being made. We came home, grabbed the kids from our neighbors, fed everyone grapes and turkey-dogs, and went to bed. After 3 great hours of sleep, I got up, and here I sit, again timing contractions…probably in vain. As of right now, they’re still coming regularly, and they do seem a little more organized–I can feel a definite beginning and end to each one–but I have a feeling this process could go on for days. Good times, good times. I compare labor to hurricanes. You try and try to remember just how bad it was the last time–Category 1? Should I be worried? Category 2? What’s that like? Don’t evacuate until at least a Category 3? And only if it’s hitting head on, or slightly to the west? Huh? Are you sure these aren’t strong contractions? Cause they feel at least semi-strong. I mean, what if it gets worse all the sudden? They are regular…kind of. They do hurt…a little. I am feeling them in all the right places…I think. Frick. I wish I had a pop-up doctor to check me periodically and tell me what to do.

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5 responses to “You’d Think I’d Know Better

  • Bev

    Oh my!!  Sounds like you are THIS close to having your son!!  I hope that all goes well with your delivery and that you KNOW when it is time.  Keep us posted okay?? 
    Hugs to you, sweet friend!!

  • Tiffany

    Girl… hang in there!  I hope you got some sleep after this post!  I wouldn’t feel comfortable with being sent home either.  I’m the type that wants to know every 30 minutes if I have dialated or not!  :)  Try to hold out until May 6th… that’s my birthday!  :)  Just kidding!  Keep us posted!
    Big Hugs to you!

  • miranda

    Sheesh, what a boy! Already being mischievous, is he? :)Sending good thought your way!!

  • Joell

    Hmm.  Sounding all too familiar…my SIL had the SAME experience you speak of.  She went to the hospital last Sun, they sent her home.  Still as of 11 pm on Thurs night, NO BABY.  Still contracting, she is.  Today the doc stripped her membranes, whatever that is…and hopefully there will be some action soon…she’s due May 7.  But after you’ve been in labor for, OH, 5 days, you’re kinda ready to be DONE with it already!
    Feelin for ya honey!!  Hopefully you are resting now OR you are actively giving birth!!!  Keep us posted!  C’mon Diego!!!

  • C.C.


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