More waiting…

I really ought to be out walking around the neighborhood, but I don’t feel like moving. I had enough energy this morning to shower and blow-dry my hair upside-down, something I haven’t done in a long time (the blow-drying, people!) and while doing so, I noticed an odd, yet exciting, new symptom of pregnany: everytime I bent over, my boobs fell down (or up?) and smothered my face! How many people can say that? Awesome! Alas, after that brilliant feat, I was exhausted and barely had it in me to drag myself to the computer.
I am going to try and get out and about today. Caleb was sweet enough yesterday to take me goofy-golfing and arcade-ing. It was a great way to keep me off my ass and make 3 hours pass quickly. When we got home, he iced up my ankles and massaged my feet. He cooked dinner and served ice-cream for dessert. He played with my popped-out belly-button for only a minimal amount of time yesterday as opposed to his constant messing around with it. Today he says he’s going to finish the crib for sure, and put up the hooks for our curtain/room divider in the closet/baby’s room. My husband is great. As much as I like to whine about him, he’s great. Really.
The kids are doing well, too–I’m sure they’re getting just as bored as I am waiting for this baby to show up. Mia, especially, is getting a little sick of Mommy always being tired and sore. She’ll be so happy when I can get up and move around with the greatest of ease. Cheyenne still doesn’t seem too thrilled about having a new baby around–"Oh, my God, it’s going to cry, like, ALL the time, and when he gets older he’s going to be, like, soooo rowdy and obnoxious." I’m chalking it up to normal 12-year-old-negativity and try to ignore her comments, although they have gotten to me a few times and I don’t know whether to cry from my hurt feelings or yell from being just plain fed-up with her attitude. I might do both and see what happens.
I thought for a minute yesterday that my water had broken. How could I not be sure? I’ve heard tale of women not experiencing that whole gushing-thing; apparently that only happens in 10-15% of labors. I decided to wait things out for a while and by bedtime I was pretty convinced that everything was fine and intact. So, how do you know if you’re having real contractions or if your water breaks? Hey, let’s ask the mother of 2! Oh, wait! She DOESN’T HAVE ANY IDEA. I guess all my babies just like to keep me guessing.

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4 responses to “More waiting…

  • barnyardmama

    Cheyenne will get over the boy thing as soon as she sees his little face.  As for the crying all the time thing. . . well, she might be right. . . I’m still a little traumatrized from when we brought Charlie home.  I have no doubts that she is going to love the heck out of this kid.

  • Bev

    I cannot even imagine how tired and ready you must be!!  I hope your sweet boy gets here soon.  I think Cheyenne will get on  board once the baby gets here.  I bet she will be a great big sis.  Bless Caleb’s heart!  He sounds like wonderful hubby.  They ALL have their moments ya know!
    You take care, girl!!  Hugs!!

  • April

    Water breaking – oh that was so weird when mine broke! Iwould go to the bathroom and then have to go right back. 
    The nurse told me if I kind-of act like I siting down (like going to the bathroom) while standing up and I continued
    going to the bathroom then it was my water that had broken.  It wasn’t a big gush or anything.  I hope this kind of helps –
    Good luck!

  • K

    Wow… I didn’t realize I had been away for the entire pregnancy!!!  Holy crap… I can’t wait to read more about it… but I have a LOT of catching up to do!Ciao bella,KC

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