At the risk of becoming the most hated woman in the world, I’m going to take a moment and congratulate myself on a pregnancy well done. Let’s take stock of the last 9 months, shall we?
1 million negative pregnancy tests, give or take
1 positive pregnancy test
1 new book about pregnancy and childbirth
3 new books about becoming a big sister
3 months of utter nausea
6 months of aches and pains
16 lb weight loss
19 lb weight gain
500 trips to the doctor’s office
500 cups of pee
500 bitter fights over baby names
A surly, almost-teenage daughter who is less than thrilled about having a little brother
An excitable, super-active 3 year-old who now sleeps in her own bed 50% of the time
Two significantly calmer big honkin’ indoor labs
One fabulous husband/dedicated father
A zillion: worries, phone calls, hugs, kisses, massages, warm baths, gallons of milk, pudding cups, and "Scrubs" re-runs. 
So, all in all, good times. I can’t believe it’s almost over. We have no official name decided upon, but we’re close, I can feel it. Top picks? I think it’s safe to reveal them now:
  • Marek–rhymes with Derek, but we can’t agree on how we want to spell this one exactly–spelling isn’t really important, but yet, it is. The appeal? It’s weird. And how cute would "Mia and Marek" sound?
  • Xander–not Alexander, just Xander. To us, it’s just got this ultra-bad-ass thing going on, and you know how we love bad-asses around here. And it’s better than Riddick.
  • Duncan–sure, there’s the whole Duncan Hines and Dunkin’ Donuts associations to worry about…but once you get past that, you can worry about the name’s whole soap-opera-villian vibe. Once you get past that, given our last name, you can make Highlander jokes and actually be funny. This one’s really grown on me.
  • Jackson–A little on the *yawn* boring side, but it still made the short list, simply because Caleb’s liked it forever. And I just love the nickname Jack.

Feel free to weigh in on our choices. I can’t promise we won’t just go with Diego, depending on the intensity of the fit Mia’s going to throw when she finds out that, no, that’s not really going to be her baby brother’s name.

My appointment with New Doctor went well. Tomorrow we will get up at the butt-crack of dawn and drive to the hospital, where I will be hooked up to a pitocin machine (hospitals love pitocin) and relieved of my job as chief incubator of baby numer 3.

Tomorrow I’ll get to hold my son in my arms.

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8 responses to “Close

  • C.C.

    Is "Merek" one of your possible spelling options?  Even if it’s not, it gets my vote.  😉
    Happy Day Before You Have Baby #3 (Unless Something Happens In the Next 14.5 Hours)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miranda

    SO exciting! I think I like Xander and Jackson best. Or maybe Duncan. I dunno, I can’t decide. (I’m going to be awful at this part…)I hope you have a nice calm day and can enjoy your last day of being PG. :)  Can’t wait to see pics and hear stories of little Marek/Xander/Duncan/Jackson/Diego!!Sending you all good thoughts.

  • Bev

    Woohoo!!  I am excited for you!!  I know this is going to be a beautiful baby!!  I think my choices of those you gave would be Marek (however you spell it) and Jackson.  I kind of have a feeling that once you LOOK at your son, you are just going to KNOW what fits his little self.
    I hope that all goes exceedingly well tomorrow and look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about the new member of the family.  I’ll be saying a little prayer for you too!!

  • Joell

    Hey girl!!  SO exciting that the as such no-named baby boy is arriving tomorrow!!  I’ll be praying that all goes well!  You can be proud of a successful pregnancy…and Scrubs is a hilarious show btw.
    As for the names…My picks are Marek/Merrick/Merek/Merreck and Duncan…Girl, you’ve read my blog–you KNOW how I love me some Scottish Highlander…Don’t be mocking the Highlanders.  :-D
    Welcome BABY and welcome back Toni’s toes!! 

  • Tiffany

    I’m SO excited that you are being induced tomorrow!  I can’t wait to hear what name you decided on.  It’s almost over and you probably won’t be able to sleep tonight!  I will be thinking about you!
    I like Marek and Ducan!  Those are good names.
    Big Hugs and Love!

  • barnyardmama

    Congratulations, Toni!!!!  By the time you read this I know you’ll be a momma for the third time!  I love all your name choices.  My husband worked with a guy who had a baby Xander–it was the first time I’d heard that.  Jackson is Charlie’s middle name, so I, of course, have a soft spot for that one.  Hell, they all sound good–must be your amazingly good taste.
    Good luck and I’ll say some prayers for you guys.

  • Bev

    Okay Missy!!  I checked by my blog and I see that you visited not too long ago.  You are supposed to be busy having a baby!!  So what’s up with being on the ‘puter???  hehehehe
    I hope all is going well.  I can’t wait for your baby to be here!!

  • Nikki

    Toni, I’ve been thinking about you all day. I hope everything went well for you and the baby.  I really like the name Marek.  Chris worked with a guy whose last name was Merrick. I like that spelling.  Of course, I hope by the time you read thi, you’ve already named the baby so my input won’t matter. haha
    Can’t wait to see pictures!

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