My Kid’s Jacked-Up Melon

Busy 2 weeks. Cheyenne’s birthday was yesterday. She got a ton of presents in the mail and she’s got more cash than I ever dreamed of having at that age…or even now. She’s ballin’ out of control. Caleb and his brother Jason took her to see Indiana Jones while I stayed at the house with the little kids and one-armedly put up streamers, prepared a chocolate fondue, and cleaned up the place a little bit. It’s been a while, but I still got it.
I think she had a decent birthday, considering she couldn’t have the all-out-slumber-bash of her dreams. Maybe later on in the summer when the baby’s older.
Merrick had a check-up yesterday morning. Turns out he’s got a messed-up head and a messed-up rear-end; next week we will got to some children’s hospital in Oklahoma City so they can ultrasound his butt (he’s got this weird extra dimple-thing–not a hole, but some kind of indention) to make sure the end of his spinal cord is free-floating and whatnot. While they’re at it, they’ll go ahead and do an X-ray of his poor little head–it’s got this ridgeline running straight down the middle of his skull from back to front, like the plates there are overlapping. His soft spot is really small and more towards the front of his head rather than at the top and in the middle. The doctor just wants to make sure nothing’s permanently closed up yet so that his tender little brain has room to grow, and that he’s not literally hard-headed.
So, it’s kind of weird and a little unexpected, but that’s what it is and that’s what we’ll do. He’s most likely completely fine. Caleb’s head’s kind of warped-looking, and he’s okay. Somewhat.
Other than all that, we’ve been doing a lot of the same–holding the baby, oooing and ahhhing over the baby, and me, feeding the baby. He’s just bound to be big and strong–sometimes it seems like he eats constantly. I feel like a dairy cow. I’ve been bad as far as my diet is concerned; I over-did it yesterday with soda and birthday cake and chocolate fondue, and Merrick was fussy and gassy all night long. I’m telling myself that today is the day I really get back on track and stick to foods with a lot less sugar and caffeine.
Caleb’s brother is leaving tomorrow. I’m a little worried–this means we’re on our own for the next few weeks before the next string of company. Things will be "back to normal" and I’m afraid I won’t know how to act. It’s been so nice having someone around to distract us from what we really should be doing.
Which reminds me, the baby is finally asleep and I technically have time to get a quick shower. Have a good weekend, people!

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5 responses to “My Kid’s Jacked-Up Melon

  • miranda

    Hope the visit to the doc next week goes well. I love your optimistic attitude about it, you’re probably right that everything’s just fine. I also hope you got your shower! Have a great weekend, Toni.

  • barnyardmama

    In my experience, docs tend to over-react to a lot of things–most likely everything is fine.  If not, he’s breathing and eating and pooping, so most other things can be fixed.  Keep us posted.

  • ♥ Aimee

    hope that you enjoyed your shower…sounds like things are going well…which i am happy to hear… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  • C.C.

    Happy belated birthday to Cheyenne!  Geez, I remember when she was born!
    Merrick will be in my prayers.  Keep us posted.
    Showers are awesome!!!!!!!!!  :-)

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… Blair has the SAME dimple thing.  They will want to check to make sure her spinal cord isn’t "tethered" or "attached".  She has an MRI scheduled at AR Children’s when she is 4 months old to check hers out.
    Everything will be fine with him!  I’m dealing with the gas issues as well… just because my child will not burp!  :)  I hope you guys do okay without someone there.  That would be nice to have company like that!  He’s going to miss his brother.  I love the new pics you put up.  Mia is SO cute and it looks like Cheyenne had a wonderful birthday.  Happy Belated Birthday to her!
    Hugs – Tiff

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