We still haven’t heard about an appointment with the neurosurgeon yet; however, the results from Merrick’s CAT scan came back, and only one suture is fused together–the sagittal suture that runs up the middle of his head from front to back. That’s why the shape of his head is so long and oval-y, and that’s why we could feel that ridgeline for the longest time. (It’s actually a lot more smoothed out now, probably because it’s so nice and closed up.) I’ve read that the best time to have surgery done in this case is around 3 months of age; Merrick will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, so we are waiting on pins and needles to hear from the doctor as to when we can get him in.
And so that’s that.
Caleb’s birthday is Thursday. The only thing the man has asked for is an ice-cream cake, so By God, I’m going to find him the best damn ice-cream cake $15 can buy. The job hunt is still on. The possibilities up until recently haven’t seemed exactly acceptable or even legit, but things are starting to turn around. He’ll meet with a man next week about getting in with this new company–Caleb’s definitely got the edge on any competition he might have, so fingers crossed. Another waiting game.
Cheyenne is off to girl scout camp on Sunday. She’s got almost everything she needs–except maybe a bottle of bugspray and some shower shoes. This particular camp is a lot closer than the one she went to the year before last. I think she’s excited.
Mia has been her crazy little self. She is obsessed with junk food and sugar–if it’s in the house, she will hound me until she’s eaten it all. "Can I have a cookie? Just one?" and then, "Just one more?" She’s like her mommy that way.
The other night Caleb, Cheyenne and I watched "The Bucket List". Good movie. Made me cry. Made Caleb almost cry. Made Cheyenne laugh at us both. Whatever. Has anyone else seen it yet? How cold-hearted would you have to be not to at least tear up when Jack Nicholson "kisses the most beautiful girl in the world"?

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5 responses to “Lately…

  • C.C.

    Off topic: Is is just me, or do Cheyenne and Reese look exactly alike?!?!?!
    Back on topic: You and Merrick are still in my prayers!  I read the same thing the other day about 3 months being the optimal surgery age.  Fingers crossed that they get things moving along pronto!!!!!!

  • barnyardmama

    I haven’t seen any movies in the last 100 years.  I’m actually shocked when I’ve ever HEARD of whatever movie everyone is talking about.
    My husband is like that with the sweets.  Sometimes he just throws stuff away to keep from eating it. 
    Good to hear about Caleb’s job leads and about Merrick’s head.
    I’d be bugging someone about that appointment, but I’m annoying like that. 

  • miranda

    Happy 8 week birthday, Merrick!!I haven’t seen that movie. I really wanted to when it came out but it somehow never happened. I’ll have to go rent it while I still can.Maybe Mia’s just eating my portion of sweets. I can’t for the life of me eat dessert lately. It’s so sickly sweet I immediately want to vomit. Being pregnant is OH so much fun I’m learning.Have a great rest of the week! And happy bday to Caleb tomorrow!

  • April

    I loved that movie too!!! It was soooooo good – don’t worry I cried, too!
    Another good one is October Rush (I think that is what it is called) – it was so good.
    Have a great day!!

  • Bev

    One thing I know from taking care of my Momma for years before she passed, is that you have to stay after your doctors on making appointments with specialists.  Momma had so many I lost count.  And I learned to be a real pest if I had to be.  I hope that they get the appointment made for Merrick soon.  If not, I have a feeling they will feel the wrath of Momma Toni!!  As well they should.
    Tell Caleb your one of your blog buds wishes him a VERY happy birthday!  I need me some of that ice cream cake.  Yuuuuummm!  Oh, and good thoughts and hopes for the job hunting too.
    I saw "The Bucket List" as a preview audience (even filled out a little survey about it), and I loved it!  I want to buy it.  I laughed AND cried at that movie, and the part you mentioned was just the best!
    Take care, my friend!

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