Career Talk and My Kid’s Messed-Up Grill

The green might be a little much for me, people. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. I guess I just felt like changing things up for a while. But for now, if you’re not a fan of green, well then you can just suck it.
As usual, things have been busy around here. Caleb got with that new company and they made a round-about offer; numbers were tossed around and a September 1st start date was mentioned, so I guess that’s when we’ll know for sure. But from what I’m to understand, the preliminary meetings went fairly well and the ideas they had about $pay$ were satisfactory. For now, Caleb will continue to get a commission on any deals he turns in, and that will keep our head above water until we get more official word on the job. Oh, how I love waiting games.
Caleb would be able to choose his own territory, which is awesome since we’ll be able to stay put here in Oklahoma, and that’s financially best for us right now. But where could he expand to? He’s basically one of the first people on board so he gets first pick. It’s exciting to think about. West to Texas and New Mexico? (cool!) North to Kansas and all those other plain states? (please no!) East over into Arkansas through down to Alabama? (my pick, since I’d love to one day wind up a little closer to our families.) The whole United States is his oyster, and he’s going to shuck it and slurp it down all slimey and raw.
Mia had her very first dentist appointment yesterday–just a cleaning. She did…alright, and she only cried a little. Caleb had to hold her hand the whole time, and I was commanded to stand in the corner of the room holding a drooling Merrick. I don’t know if anyone can ever tell from her pictures, but on her two front teeth she has these brown lines. They’ve been there since the teeth came in when she was a baby. The dentist said it was from too much flouride while I was pregnant with her. Wild stuff. He told me it was probably best just to leave it alone, rather than cap ’em and whatnot, which I agreed with. So her teeth aren’t perfect. Big deal. She’s not Jon-Benet Ramsey.
Anyway. In addition to the weird brown line, the kid has 4 FUCKING CAVITIES. How did that happen?!! Caleb and I were horrified, and embarrassed. The dentist gave us the customary lecture, but kept it short since we’re probably helping him buy a yacht. I promise, I take care of Mia’s teeth. I put her head in a vise-like grip and I brush the living hell out of those teeth. Nobody in our family has ever had a cavity and we pride ourselves on that. So we’re headed back to the dentist next week–thank God for laughing gas and Chuck-E-Cheese.

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2 responses to “Career Talk and My Kid’s Messed-Up Grill

  • barnyardmama

    I would guess one of two things: either she doesn’t drink a lot of tap water or she’s taken antibiotics a lot.  Both of those things can cause cavities.  Just a thought–at least they aren’t her permanent teeth.

  • Joell

    Congrats on the potential job offer!  Great news.
    Dang those cavities!!  Sometimes meticulous dental care does not prevent cavities.  Take us for example.  Hubby is obsessive about dental hygeiene (that is for sure spelled wrong) and every time he goes to the dentist he has something that has to be done.  He has a mouth full of dental repair.  Enough to buy two yachts.  Me on the other hand, not so meticulous…one cavity in my whole life.  Go figure.
    And AMEN on the laughing gas!!! 

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