Church, Mall Cookies, and Tinkerbell Stuff

I went to church somewhat voluntarily again Sunday with the firm intentions of never going back, but something happened while I was sitting there on that stupid wooden pew, all dolled-up and nauseous. What that something was exactly, I can’t explain, but there was definitely a moment towards the beginning of the service that God politely tapped me on my shoulder. And then, as I slowly turned around to see what God wanted, He came out of nowhere with a biblical bitch-slap and knocked me on my ass for the rest of the sermon. I sat up straight. I paid attention. No, I didn’t start crying or run up to the front and throw myself down on that cheap-carpeted-altar and get "saved" or anything, but for the first time in 2 months, the preacher didn’t sound like a used-car salesman; he sounded like someone I could actually pay attention to for more than 5 minutes. So I listened. And I actually learned something. And I left with a skip in my step instead of a rock in my stomach. And it felt good to have been at church. And I think I might go back.
After that, Cheyenne and I met neighbor-friend-nurse Shawna and her daughter for a little back-to-school no-tax clothes shopping. Never before have I been such an efficient shopper–what we did in 4 hours would have taken me 4 days normally with the little kids in tow. But the real trick lies in going with friends; I’ve been shopping by myself before but could never seem to find anything. Anyhoo, Cheyenne made off with 3 pairs of long shorts, 3 b-r-a-s (Not allowed to say that word out loud), and one good pair of running shoes. And then Shawna became even more wonderful in my eyes by suggesting we all get cookies–not pretzels, not smoothies–cookies–mall cookies–the good kind. I think it’s safe to say that the search for my one true shopping buddy is officially over.
Monday it was way too hot to go anywhere or do anything; I did vacuum the garage for the hundredth time this summer, but that was it for me. Today I drove to the gas station, alone, to buy a cherry coke. It…was awesome.
I would like to write about how Merrick has been sleeping pretty soundly through the night lately; but if I did, then he would surely stop. So I won’t say anything.
Mia is out of her mind with excitement about her birthday and the start of preschool. I haven’t yet decided what to do for her party. Keep it family only, with a cake and presents after dinner? Or put up streamers and do some sort of shrimp boil with the neighbors? This year she’s turned away from Spiderman and Diego and is currently fixated on all things Pixie Hollow. She’s got a sweet Tinkerbell backpack. Her new favorite movie is "Enchanted". My sweet little tomboy, finally ready to embrace a beautiful pink and purple world of Barbies and ballerinas. I never thought I’d see the day.

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2 responses to “Church, Mall Cookies, and Tinkerbell Stuff

  • barnyardmama

    I have NEVER EVER vacuumed my garage.  Not once.  I’ll have to look into that.
    Cookies are the best–I’m so glad you found a shopping partner.

  • Unknown

    Girl – Caleigh can dig some Pixie Hollow!!  And she knows the entire soundtrack to Enchanted… That’s when you know.. that’s when you know…..oowwwww.  The truth is I kind of love that movie too, even though it’s brainwashing my child beyond reality.  (She’s just sitting pretty until her prince arrives so they can have babies and make cookies and shop at Target all day long.)  Oh wait – that’s MY LIFE.   Maybe it’s not so bad after all.  I sent you a note about Mia’s b/day present.  Perhaps you can just open it, and giftwrap it for her to have at her special celebration.  That might be cool.  The card is under separate cover.  Merrick is frikkin GORGEOUS!!  big hugs, C.

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