Rainy Friday

I’d like to thank msn.com for featuring an article on the awesomeness of the freecreditreport.com commercials. I heart the freecreditreport.com guy and his fake band. I have all their little ditties memorized. If they were to come out with a CD of freecreditreport.com jingles, I would be first in line to buy it.
Moving on.
I’m taking down the video of my little sister making bushwackers because the dude with the beard annoys me. Besides, Katie said she had no clue how to actually make the drink; the ones she sells are all pre-mixed and they come out of that machine like frosties, which, coincidentally, is exactly what a bushwacker tastes like. I’m surprised by how many people I’ve talked to that don’t know what one is. Are Bushwackers to Pensacola what Hurricanes are to New Orleans? Will I have to wait until the next time I go back down there to have a good one?
I’m feeling a little thirsty all the sudden.
Yesterday I worked on digging out our front garden. We’re trying to scrap the whole thing and start over fresh with something extremely low-maintenence. We’re taking out all the grass and we’re going to put in a bunch of rocks. Anyway, this morning I’m hurting, and not in a refreshing feel-the-burn kind of way. My back is really, really sore. I might die.
A bushwacker sure sounds nice.
Mia had one of her cavities filled. Caleb took her and she did fine. Apparently that laughing gas had her cackling like a mad man; I wish I could’ve been there for that, though the lop-sided smile she had for the rest of the day was pretty freakin’ funny.
And by the way, I just knew I shouldn’t have mentioned anything about Merrick’s sleeping habits the other day.

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2 responses to “Rainy Friday

  • Unknown

    We have a great place here in Ponte Vedra (Jax Beach-ish) that makes Bushwhackers: Pussers Caribbean Grille!!  yum… you just talked me into running out to grab one with a friend… must schedule this soon!  C.

  • Joell

    F-R-E-E that spells free…credit report dot com baby.  LOL.  WE love those commercials too!  I saw that same story about that guy…who is french canadian btw and is lip-synching the song, but for real playing the guitar. 
    Glad to be catching up on all the haps.  Toni + church = great blog.  Love when God taps me on the shoulder like that.
    PS…at the time when I got my license, the lie was much less than it is today…let’s just leave it at that. 😉

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