Mia’s Wish List

This week I’ve been on a mission: to find out what Mia wants for her birthday. She’s turning 4, so this should be fairly easy, right? Little kids like toys. But I needed some inspiration. Now, normally, ’round here, when we watch TV, we watch what’s known as "Noggin"–it’s a channel designed for preschoolers, with all kinds of annoying-yet-somewhat-educational cartoons without the equally annoying-but-not-at-all-educational commercials. I came up with the brilliant idea of letting Mia watch a little regular TV this week, commercials and everything, so that maybe she would see some toy she just couldn’t live without, like a baby doll that pees and poops, thus completing my birthday shopping list.
Her top picks? Aqua Globes! (waters house plants without the mess), Mighty Putty! (for repairing coffee cups and installing handles in bathtubs), and some kind of weird egg-cooker thingy (tired of burning breakfast?). All 19.99 plus shipping and handling, all only available through special TV offer.
Not what I expected.
I guess I technically could order it all, orrrrrrrrrrrrr… maybe Caleb and I will give her the stuff we just blindly threw in the buggy while we were at Toys’R’Us picking out her new wicked awesome pink bike.
That Mighty Putty is pretty amazing, though. It’s strong enough to tow an 18-wheeler with, and you get double the offer if you call within the next 20 minutes! Maybe if I…no. No. I’d probably just end up in the emergency room with my foot stuck to my shoe. It’s been known to happen. But that’s another story for another time.

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5 responses to “Mia’s Wish List

  • Bev

    LOL!!  Isn’t it fascinating how the mind of a 4 year old works??  I kinda am jonesing for those Aqua Globes my own self!  hehehe
    I can’t believe you missed the pics of my hair.  I may put them back up.  I’m just being silly worrying about them being on there.  Kinda like being afraid of the boogey man isn’t it??
    Hope you are enjoying this lovely COOLER weather here in OK!

  • barnyardmama

    Yeah, we’ve got a house full of toys and Charlie’s current favorite is a spoon.  A regular old spoon.  What’s with that?

  • miranda

    HAHAHA! Mia is just fascinating sometimes.

  • miranda

    So I was watching tv last night and an add for Mighty Putty came on and
    at first I burst out laughing, but then, THEN!, I was intrigued. We
    need to get some of that, STAT!

  • Joell

    Mia ROCKS!  LOL
    I’ve often wondered about that Mighty Putty myself….

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