I Have A Big Mouth

Note to self: Do not talk schmack about sick husband.
I’m feeling soooo crappy this morning. After weeks of bragging and rolling my eyes at Caleb’s snotty nose, I too, have finally really come down with the cold I thought I could never get. My head hurts, my throat hurts, my ears tickle…stupid, good-for-nothing prenatal vitamins.
It’s been a busy week–Tuesday Mia had 3 more cavities filled. Yesterday, Mia, Merrick and I took Darcy to the vet–fun. And today Mia is going back to the dentist to have the brown lines on her teeth fixed. I know I said it didn’t matter, but that was before kids started teasing her about her "rotten teeth", and before I knew that insurance would cover it. So there you have it. We’ll see what they can do.
I’ve also been thinking about having a laughing gas station installed in the house somewhere, in a cozy corner with a comfy chair. There are oxygen bars in big cities; why can’t we have laughing gas? It’d be great. Maybe we’ll even throw in the oxygen option. No one will ever be in a bad mood again.
Merrick had a total meltdown last night. He wouldn’t even breastfeed–and that’s normally a surefire way to get him to stop crying. (Most men never really change, do they?) I was so frustrated I felt like putting my head through the wall. In a moment of panic I called Caleb, who was down the street helping a neighbor lift something heavy, and used my most ferocious devil-voice: "I need you home NOW!"
And of course, exactly 2 seconds before Caleb walked in the door, Merrick calmed down. Instantly. He not only calmed down, he went right to sleep–and he stayed asleep until 6:30 a.m., only to wake up and eat a little bit before dozing off again. When he gets up I’m going to ask him, "What the hell, son?"
I knew it was only a matter of time before he and I had our moment. Note to self: Do not talk schmack about having "an angel for a baby" ever again. Ever. Again.

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2 responses to “I Have A Big Mouth

  • Tiffany

    OMG… it’s going to let me comment!!!!  My fucking computer has been so jacked up lately.  I haven’t been able to come by and visit!  Just know that I think of you guys often… I’m going to try to go back in time and catch up now!  :)
    Hugs – Tiffany

  • Joell

    Cut back on the schmack.
    Sorry you feel bad.  Too bad you can’t just take to the bed like SOME people–ahem–
    Moms don’t have time for that crap.  Get well vibes coming your way.

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