Mia’s two front teeth are sparkling white. She’s so proud of them.
  I can’t believe it was only $30 to fix those brown lines.
  I thought Mia was already as self-confident as she could get.
  I was wrong.
  Cheyenne finally got her last year’s yearbook, which was so expensive that it should be washing my dishes.
  Cheyenne’s school has hit me up for more damn money in the past two weeks than they have the past two years.
  Caleb has an offer from Staples, which is good because he was thinking about buyin’ a gun, maybe slingin’ some dope.
  That was a joke.
  He’s waiting to hear from a couple other companies before he accepts the job. Fingers crossed, people.
  My mom had knee surgery yesterday and is learning how to be hell on crutches at physical therapy as we speak.
  McCain picked a woman as his running mate. Awesome. Calculating, yes. But still awesome.
  So basically we’ll either have our first black president or our first girl vice president.
  All I know is that I’ll be so pissed if Barack really does turn out to be the anti-christ.
  But who are we kidding?
  McCain will probably die of old age in his sleep, and Barack will probably be shot, so that leaves us with Biden or Palin anyway.
  You are obligated to ignore anything and everything I say in regard to politics.
  We are doing nothing for the next 3 days except shaking this stupid cold that somehow penetrated my super-human germ-defense system.
  Have a good weekend everyone!

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One response to “Quick

  • Bev

    Man.  There was a lot in that post!  I hope that Caleb gets the best job for him and your family.  Mia is such a cutie, I am glad she’s proud of her teeth (I had horrible teeth and didn’t get braces till I was in 9th grade….I never, ever smiled ever….so I can relate!!).  I think the schools are a bottomless pit of expenses and they don’t get cheaper as you well know.
    I am SO not feeling the politics thing this election year.  I’m a bad American aren’t I??  I am proud that a black man and a woman are in the running though.  It’s been a long time coming.
    Have a GREAT weekend, girl!

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