2 words: Pancake Puffs.
Have you seen it? The cast iron, non-stick pan on TV that cooks your pancake batter in these little balls? You can fill them up with pudding and jelly? You can even make pizza puffs if you want? Ring any bells?
Ever since discovering that Mia’s Aqua Globes actually work (it even waters finicky exotic plants!), we’ve all been paying close attention to infomercials. I’ve got my eye on that pan, and Caleb’s dying to try out the Peticure (No more painful clippers!) Also on my list of things I shouldn’t be living without are: The Bra Baby (So I don’t have to hand-freaking-wash my bras), The Buxton Leather Organizer (It comes with a digital recorder to keep you from losing your mind), and, of course, Mighty Putty. (Just because I’m pretty sure I need that.)
And although the rest of us are stuck on those cheesy ads, Mia’s moved onto bigger and better things, like "Everyday Italian". Mia caught one episode of that, and ever since then, she’s been practicing her cooking skills–sometimes in her own plastic kitchen, but mostly on my bathroom counter, where she can wash her hands like a good chef should. (Plus she can see herself in the mirror and pretend she’s on camera.) She walks her audience through every recipe. It. Is. Hilarious. I can’t even type this without snorting laughter. So today, partly to humor my little aspiring Giada, and partly because it sounded so good, we’re going to actually make Grapefruit Zabaglione with Mixed Berries. No, we really are. It seems easy enough. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Maybe our next project will involve pancake puffs.

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5 responses to “Pan-tastic!

  • Hilary

    I WANT THE PETICURE SO BAD!  Sorry, had to get that out!  I have a HUGE weakness for infomercials!  And my friend, who used to be a professional groomer has one like it and says its amazing!
    I think Mia’s "cooking show" is SO cute!  When I was really young, when I had to clean the bathroom, I’d talk in front of the mirror and pretend I was on a "how to clean" show.  So lame, but so young and cute! :)

  • Bev

    Hey, as cute as Mia is, I think Giada better be VERY worried!!  I’m still jonesing for the aqua globes and now you tell me about these other wonders.  Sheesh.  I am missing out!!  You need to video Mia’s cooking segment and put it on Youtube!  Maybe they need a new whiz kid cooking show and she’ll be spotted and become famous.  Stranger things have happened!
    Have a great weekend, girl!!

  • Unknown

    I’m reading this shortly after I’ve been debating whether to drag out the VISA and purchase a pair of  I really can’t think of a better way to spend $39.99 at this moment… I have the Bra-Baby.  It is pretty handy.  Too bad I forget it’s there in the laundry room and never use it…I want to see a video of Chef-Mia.  That’s adorable!  And Merrick is so sweet – he has three little mamas doting over him – priceless! 

  • miranda

    Man, now I want some pancake puffs with a side of pasta. It’s not nice to talk about food around a pregnant lady who just found her appetite!Also, those pics of late August are great! Merrick is too cute for words and you look great in that pic of you and him!

  • Joell

    Hope you have shaken that nasty cold by now.  I have actually SEEN the pancake puff thingy for sale at Bed Bath and Beyond…As Seen on TV stamped right on the box and everything!  I’m thinking I need some aqua globes, only I have no indoor plants to water.  I might need to get some, eh?  Have also seen all the other infomercials you mentioned.  I enjoy the mighty putty one.  It seems like we could all use some mighty putty, you know?

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