It’s Like That and Like This and Like That

At 8:00 this morning, as I drove back to the house from dropping Mia off at school, I listened to the radio. This is not something I normally do; most of the time I’m blaring Disney showtunes or KidzBop for the children. However, since this usually makes me wanna kill myself, and Merrick was asleep, I figured, what the hell.
I freakin’ hate KidzBop.
The folks on the morning show, 2 seemingly moronic men, were bantering about how hot Sarah Palin looks in a bikini. Well, one of the guys kicked the conversation up an intelligent notch and busted out the latest "study" saying men were more likely to vote for Sarah Palin than women were. They quickly deducted that women were jealous of the vp nominee and viewed her as a "threat". They said women like Hilary Clinton because she was old and ugly and her husband had cheated on her, yada yada, blah, blah, ppppppthhhhhhhhhhhhhp.
I’m peeved. I know I probably shouldn’t be so worked up; I know it’s just an assinine radio show, but damn. Give us more credit than that, guys. John McCain’s choice for a running mate is soooo transparent…and insulting. And I’m sorry, but, as inspiring as it is, PTA president? Really? Now there’s something to put on your job application for Vice President of The United States of America. If women don’t vote for Sarah Palin, it’s not because "she’s pretty."
We might, however, vote for the lady just because she probably knows what it’s like to listen to an entire KidzBop CD, drive to the nearest bridge, and think seriously about jumping.
To burn off some steam, Merrick and I came home, turned up some music and got funky like an old batch of collard greens. Not to worry; Caleb is out of town so nobody saw me dancing Ellen-style in the hallway. Yeah, I have this thing–even though we are acres apart from any other house, I’m always worried someone will see me when I’m dancing, or yoga-bootying…so I either close all the blinds or I get down in the windowless hallway. And while Mia would only rock out to Hannah Montana, my new little dance partner digs some gansta rap–my guilty pleasure. Sweet.
P.S.–Tried the Grapefruit Zabaglione recipe. It was an easy hit.

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4 responses to “It’s Like That and Like This and Like That

  • miranda

    Ok, you have to put a warning on those pics or something. The adorableness is too much. And, Toni, you look great! Can’t take it. Thanks for your advice. I’m already feeling better. Actually, I felt better by last night when I was looking in the mirror and for the first time could totally see where my baby bump is starting to show, as opposed to just my normal big belly. I think the hormones are kicking in and I’m just all over the place these days. I’m in for quite a ride, right?

  • Bev

    So you are breaking Merrick in on the gangsta rap huh??  What a hoot!!  I love the new pictures.  I don’t think Merrick could look any more like you…he’s definitely you all over again!  What a beautiful smile.  Don’t you just melt when you see that??  I would.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  • barnyardmama

    want a new guilty pleasure? bottoms up by Keke Palmer.  Chaz and I have been jammin out to that one quite a bit recently.  I don’t shut the blinds or do it in the windowless hallway. 
    Radio DJ’s are idiots.  I am pretty thrilled about Palin’s nomination or whatever you call it.  People complain that she and Obama don’t have enough experience, but they have renewed people’s interest in politics, which could be worse. 
    I read about your reunion down there.  I’ve never been to one of mine and I’m not sure if I ever will.  I can’t believe someone said something about your pregnant ass.  Talk about a karmic debt!

  • Joell

    LOL @ Katy talking about "Chaz".  Ha haha. 
    Personally, i was impressed w/Palin b/c she is not a crap-taker.  And she didn’t feel bad about hunting down unethical people in her own party and taking on the gool old boys.  She ain’t skeered.  The fact that she is the mother of a special needs child is a plus in my book.  And yes, my husband thinks she’s hot.  LOL.  But I don’t think he’s seen any bikini shots of her.  Gotta say I was never a Hilary fan.  Period.  Just something about her. 
    On another note, I saw Michelle Obama busting a move Ellen-style on a commercial for the show.  Now, she looks like a fun person and not to mention her pet name for Barack is Pumpsky–at least that’s what she told Paula Deen anyway.  These are important political issues.  I seem to like the women folk better than their man folk counterparts.  Hmm.  How come they aren’t running for president?
    P.S. KidzBop Sucks.

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