Powder-Puff Soccer, Date Night, Salad, and Good Friends

About my last blog: Don’t get me wrong, folks. I like Sarah Palin just as much as I like any of the other Fab 4 candidates…and that’s all I’ll say about that.
And now onto the way more important things in life: Mia’s soccer team. We signed her up. We paid the money. We drove the FORTY-FUCKING-FIVE minutes to her practice to find out this: Mia’s soccer career is most likely off to a slow start. Her all-girl team (not our first choice) is called the Mighty Munchkins. Cute. They wear pink and black and have matching hair ribbons and hot pink soccer balls. Fine, whatever. All the girls but Mia live in a faraway town called Tuttle, and all the girls but Mia have brothers practicing football Wednesday nights, at 6:00, at a little park in said Town of Tuttle. So what’s the logical time and location for the girls to have their practice? Tuttle, of course–I think that’s fair–and at that very same park, Wednesday nights at 6:00. But do they practice on their own soccer field or even their own section of a vacant baseball or football field? No. Why would they? Not when there’s a perfectly good grassy-gravelly patch of PARKING LOT that they could kick the ball around in for 40 minutes while their all-important big brothers master the all-important sport of football!
Did I say they’re practicing in the parking lot? Yes I did. We drive up and the coach has all the girls decked out in pink, practicing cheers. She did manage to get them up and running a little bit, but for the most part, I think her goal was to waste time by having the girls fart around in the parking lot with the soccer ball–for 40 minutes, so that she can catch the last 20 of her son’s football practice. It’s crap. Crap, I tell you.
And, okay. I’m all about the girls getting out there and having a good time, that’s what it’s all about, let them have fun, etc., etc.–I get it. I agree. But for the love of Pete, make them your priority. Teach them about soccer. Take them to a real field, on a different night if you have to, and at least act like it’s all about the girls and that you’re there for them. As for all the hairbows and the dance moves that went with them, I would’ve signed Mia up for cheerleading, not soccer, if I had wanted all that for her.
We tried in vain to get ahold of the league bigwigs over the weekend to see if Mia could possibly be switched to another team (yes, we are those kind of parents), but what we’ll probably end up doing instead is keeping her on Team Pink for now, continue working with her at home, and coaching a team ourselves next season. 
Okay. Done. For real. Moving on.
Friday night Caleb and I (plus a bjorn-slinged Merrick) got out for a couple hours and went down to the arty part of Oklahoma City to enjoy a free evening of staring at paintings. Gallery Night–I was in heaven…and I think Caleb had an okay time.
A really good salad is baby spinach leaves, raisins, chopped-up apple, crumbled up granola bar, and ranch dressing. I had a good lunch today.
And have I ever mentioned what wonderful friends Caleb and I have? A month or so ago, one of our peeps down in Jacksonville, Florida, had a garage sale in Merrick’s honor. I only recently learned that it was a full-fledged fund-raising event complete with tons of donations and pictures of Merrick, to help us out with the costs of his operation and other medical bills. I am just blown away. I can’t think of anything to say or do that would show the utter appreciation. A simple thank you just doesn’t seem near enough, but here it goes anyway: Thank you Inka, for putting something like this together. 

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3 responses to “Powder-Puff Soccer, Date Night, Salad, and Good Friends

  • miranda

    Wow. Just, "wow". Wow about the "soccer" team and double WOW for your friend in Florida. That is just a ridiculously nice thing for someone to do. People are amazing sometimes, huh?

  • barnyardmama

    Those are some wonderful friends.
    I wish you lived closer–we could go check out some art together.  I’m feeling a little empty on that score–no one in my day to day who’s into art.  Poor me, right?
    How long til the surgery?

  • Joell

    I guess the question is, does Mia seem to be having a good time at Team Pink?  If she’s not, then move on because it is a waste.
    Glad you a Caleb got out for a night.
    What awesome friends you have! Wow.

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