Woo Hoo Cheyenne!

And Woo Hoo all our peeps! Long story short, Cheyenne has signed up for Walk for Multiple Sclerosis. Her grandmother was diagnosed with MS over ten years ago and passed away in April. Cheyenne hopes to raise money for the cause, and so far she’s up to $130.00. That’s more than any of the other people registered for the walk so far. Her original goal was $100.00, and that was quickly met, so she upped it to $300.00 and we have been so pleased and grateful to the folks we know that have already donated. Me and (probably) Caleb (depending on how well Merrick is doing at that point) will be walking with her, most likely pushing empty strollers and toting little kids on our backs.
So, computer people, if you might be interested, here is the link to The National MS Society and all you have to do is click donate, pledge, and search for participant (Cheyenne Bowles). Knock yourselves out. Every little bit helps.
I’m really excited, for her. Her face lights up everytime I tell her a donation was made. When I sent out an e-mail to everyone I know, she didn’t think it would work. I think it’s safe to say her faith in humanity has been temporarily restored.
Moving on. What’s grosser than gross? Merrick spit up on me yesterday. All over my face. In my eyes and in my mouth. I knew it was just a matter of time; at some point one of my kids would do it. Frankly I’m surprised it took this long. But Merrick’s an exceptional puker, so if had to be any of ’em…
Today we’re going to our town’s little Homecoming Parade. Fun! I hope they throw moonpies.
Caleb went to the store for a can of dip (his 3rd in 3 days) and came back with candy. It occured to me that he’s not been buying Skoal this whole time, but Reese’s Pieces–that little shiz is a closet-candy-consumer! And up until this morning, he’s been holding out on me!

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One response to “Woo Hoo Cheyenne!

  • Joell

    Rock on Cheyenne!
    EWWWWWW to the baby vomit…in your face. Gross.
    Ha…Is Caleb totally kicking the tobacco habit?  Impressive.  Reeses’ Pieces = ET phone home.  LOL.

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