A Snippet of Good News

Don’t you just love that word–"snippet"? It means a small bit, scrap, or fragment. Or it could mean a small or insignificant person. And by the way, the Spanish word of the day is descanso. And there you have it. No clue what it means. I was too lazy to look into it.
I’ve been alerted to the fact that several people have been reading this blog–people that I normally would never cuss in front of, would never discuss religion or politics, (or bipolar tendencies, or homicidal thoughts about my husband, or rage against complete strangers and their rabid toy poodles, or fear of tornadoes and hostile alien takeovers, and so on and so forth) with, so I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my utter lack of couth or my completely irrational and absurd thought process…but then again this is my damn page and I’ll write what I want. And don’t anybody expect anything too deep or too funny for the next few weeks. Random humorless updates is probably all I’ll have the brain power for.
Well, no I’m not. Not even a little.
And now for the snippet: After weeks and weeks of playing hard-to-get, Caleb finally accepted the job offer from Staples today. It’s a little (okay, a lot) less than what we had hoped for, but he’ll be working in town for the most part.  We’re sort of fuzzy on a start date, and we still have to work out minor details, like, say, oh, INSURANCE, but we’ll get there, and I think we can definitely make this work. Stuff with that other company is still iffy, mainly because they are all kinds of shady, but hey.
Cheyenne is up to $230.00 in donations to the Multiple Sclerosis thingy last time I checked. I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll reach her goal, and again, if anyone out there in internet land gets a wild hair to contribute to the cause, follow this link: National MS Society and go to donate, pledge, search for a particpant, Cheyenne Bowles. It’s surprisingly easy.
I’ve been trying to calm down about Merrick’s surgery. Caleb’s brother Jason has been visiting, so that’s been a welcome distraction for all of us. Forgetting about the whole thing was easy when it was 3 months away. I appreciate all the comments and messages and e-mails and phone calls everyone has sent our way; I honestly can’t say how much it means to have this kind of support from my family and my friends and even people I’ve never officially met.  So thank you all again.
Descanso means "a break; half-time". I got curious.

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