Things Are Looking Up…

Captain’s Log, September…what the hell day is this? The 20th? 21st? 3 days left until the surgery. I am glad to report that Mia is back to her wild little self. Her temperature is back down to normal, her appetite is up, and I’m thinking we can spring her from the prison that has been her room. The poor little thing was not happy about missing one day of school and a soccer game–not so much that she actually felt like going, but more so because it means the world does go on without her. I don’t know what it was that she had–there were no other symptoms with the fever except for being tired and a bit cranky. But she’s fine now. And that’s all I care about.
That said, we are still holding our breaths for Wednesday. I imagine God, up there in the clouds, watching over us, and saying to his angels, "Okay, let’s give that family down there a wicked bad flu, complete with fever and projectile vomitting…on my signal…wait for it…". And Tuesday night we’ll all simultaneously start sweating and barfing…
But surely God would never do a thing like that.
Caleb shaved his head. Straight-up shaved it. Partly because I dared him to, but mostly so he and Merrick could be baldies together–not that Merrick had that much hair to begin with. I don’t even think the doctors will be cutting it all off. Mia did not react well to Caleb’s Howie-haircut. I tried to make it all better by secretly telling her that "Daddy says you can draw on his head with markers!", but she was pretty upset, and now I think he’s a little self concious about his new bald head. Ten bucks says that when he picks my mom up at the airport today, he’s going to wear a hat. While he’s gone, I’ll convince Mia to cash in on the marker deal.
Oh, yeah. My mom. Is coming. Today. My house is surprisingly clean–I don’t really know how it happened. Cheyenne–gotta love that girl–has been extremely helpful by straightening up her room and the bathroom. And then I guess the rest followed by trying to rid the house of germs. Have I ever mentioned how much I love bleach wipes? I’m tempted to wash the dogs. Tempted.

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4 responses to “Things Are Looking Up…

  • Joell

    Okay girl…glad Mia is feeling better. PRAYING PRAYING for everyone to STAY HEALTHY.  We gotta get that kid’s head fixed…can’t have Caleb staying bald for another 3 months now that just wouldn’t do.  PLEASE get a bald Caleb pic up PRONTO.
    Hope your mama arrived safely.  What a blessing to have her there with you these next few days.  Please keep us updated when you can…even if it’s just a quickie "everything is okay" blog. K?
    Thinking about you and praying!

  • Bev

    Oh my goodness!  I miss a few days on here and everything went to "H" in a handbasket at your house.  I am so glad Mia is better.  I will be praying for you that everyone stays WELL, that Mia gets used to Caleb’s baldness, that God will give you strength to get through all this, AND, that the surgery goes perfectly.  Absolutely perfectly.  I was so glad to read that your Mom was coming in.  I know she will be of great help to you.
    I send you big hugs and lots of prayers for sweet Merrick and all your family.  Love ya!

  • C.C.

    Sending you happy, healthy, wonderful thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do try to keep us posted!!!!!!

  • Georgia

    Hey Toni,
    Thinking about your precious baby boy and your entire family as well.  Waiting for the "all clear" blog letting everyone know that baby (and mama) survied surgery without a hitch!  Please post when you can.
    Take good care,

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