Another Quickie Real Quick

We’re home–have been since Friday afternoon. Merrick is great–he’s not even slightly fussy and we haven’t been giving him anything stronger than infant tylenol for the alleged pain he’s supposed to be in. He hasn’t been too fond of sleeping in his crib, but I want to chalk that up to being held by Mommy and Daddy holding him 24/7 this past week.
It’s been nice having the extra time to spend with my mom. She did an excellent job taking care of the kids, keeping the house clean, and remembering to feed the dogs. I’m going to shrivel up and die when she leaves tomorrow.
Cheyenne has raised a whopping $775.00 for Multiple Sclerosis, and we are still one week out from the big walk. We’ve been so impressed and thankful with what everyone has contributed so far.
I’m going to work on a nice long entry about the whole experience–after I process it in my own head, but since we all know my brain hasn’t exactly been running at maximum efficiency in the past 5 months–okay, 12 months–it might take a while.

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5 responses to “Another Quickie Real Quick

  • C.C.

    Hooray for being home!!!!!  Merrick looks great! 

  • Unknown

    welcome home; i’m glad that little man is so sweet & happy. i hope everything went smoothly; i know it will be difficult to say goodbye to your Mom tomorrow.  i’ll be thinking of you and the girls… did Caleb start his new position yet?  all the best, big hugs from the M family!!

  • barnyardmama

    I know he’s doing great, but I still hate those pictures of the babies with all the equipment on them–they always seem so small.  I much prefer a gruesome scar picture.
    I gotta tell ya–he doesn’t look that swollen.  He actually looks really, really good!
    It’s always tough when grandma leaves.

  • miranda

    So, so, SO glad to hear everything went well!!!

  • Hilary

    Good for Cheyenne!  I bet she’s proud to have raised all that money!!
    Merrick is SUCH a cutie pie, that face is to die for… :)

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