Hell Week

Oh yeah.
Nevermind just recovering from having his head hacked into; that was sooooo 7 days ago. Right now, Merrick’s battling an ear infection, a wicked bad runny nose, and a nasty cough. Plus, he’s teething. He hasn’t gone two waking minutes without screaming–and he hasn’t slept unless he’s safe in our arms, which has lead to some seriously sleepless nights (and days) for me and Caleb.
Caleb has that freak fever Mia got a week ago. He’s been running between 101 and 103 all day long. What the hell?
Our house is so messy that professionals need to be called, lest our kids get taken away from us. We’ve eaten left-over pasta and PBJ sandwiches until we’re blue in the face. And we’re all getting on each other’s last nerve.
My favorite movie is "Signs". What’s not to love? A man struggling with his faith, 2 kids who are too smart for their own good, aliens in a corn field, and Joaquin Phoenix. I bet none of the people in that movie could see the light at the end of that tunnel–but God had a plan for them. Twisted as it was, God had a plan.
I’m trying to say little prayers of thanks and think happy thoughts whenever the urge strikes me to sit in a closed garage with my car running. It could be worse. Sniffles fade and fevers break. And we’re nowhere near a cornfield. 7 days from now, we’ll all look back on this and laugh…

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4 responses to “Hell Week

  • TexasGirlJen

    I’ve been a bad blog friend. I’m back and checking in on everyone. I didn’t know about Merrick but I’m glad to read that all is well and he is on the mend. My goodness girl you have so much going on!!! You amaze me…. I’m going to dig in and read more when I get some time.
    Take care — hug that baby for me.

  • C.C.

    Ack!  "Hell week" sounds like an understatement!  Don’t worry about the house too much.  As long as everybody bathes every now and then, gets fed something semi-nutritious a couple of times a day (except Merrick, of course, since he gets to eat till his little heart’s content), and don’t end up in the garage, just focus on getting Merrick back to 100%!

  • Joell

    Oh girl!!  The house cleaning can wait.  Hold that baby and forget about other stuff.  He’s only little for a little while.  I’m sorry he’s feeling bad.  We did the whole raging ear infection thing from the time Jacob was 18 mos until he was about oh, 8.  Years. Old.  He had 4 sets of tubes and his adenoids out.  UGH.  Antibiotics, disgusting as they may be, are marvels of modern science.  I know you are out of your mind and exhausted.  Hang on, girl, hang on.
    Signs is a great flick.  Joaquin is quite they mysterious fellow, is he not?  Very Johnny Depp-ish.  Makes him sexy.

  • l

    I’ve been a consistant reader in the shadows for a couple of years now.  I used to blog, but being a single Mom and trying to hold down a career has not left me much time to blog.Regardless I stopped by to catch up.  So glad Merrick came through surgery well, but sorry everyone seems to be sick.  BTW…Signs is my favorite movie of all time!  I’ve always just felt that it was an excellent written modern story of Faith!Take careL

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