Oh No She Didn’t

Mia has just informed me that a girl in her class has been threatening to hit her and slap her and break her arm. My advice? "If a little girl is not nice to you than you should tell your teacher right away." My thoughts? "You tell that little pinhead that if she doesn’t back off you’ll kick her ass–and mean it. If she touches you, you hit her in the face as hard as you can. Then spit on her." Brilliant.
I’ve got a sore throat and a low tolerance for Pre-K bullies that have it out for my precious princess. All my kid ever wants to do is make friends, with anybody, anytime, anyplace. I can feel my blood boil when some snotty-nosed brat hurts her feelings–I just wanna pinch a little kid’s head off.
Mia just came back in and read me a note she wrote to the perp: "Do not ever break my a–a–ar..mm. Arm. Do not ever break my arm and be nice to me or I won’t be friends with you ever again, okay?"
On the upside, I’m learning how very diplomatic Mia is.
Oh well. Caleb is rid of his fever. Merrick is still fighting that cold–it’s keeping him up at night and I would give anything to get just 2 consecutive hours of sleep rather than my recent 15-minute cat-naps.
Cheyenne is hanging in there. She’s such a trooper and she doesn’t seem to mind being temporarily neglected. The big Walk for MS is on Sunday and she’s raised $775.00 to date. How awesome is that?
Caleb starts his job with Staples on Monday. I don’t know what he’ll do now that he can’t watch "Ellen" or "The View" or "Martha"–shows I never did watch before, but he’s become a die-hard fan of over the past 6 months. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle being alone all day again. He was my buddy, my partner in crime. Will we have time to goof off? Take our evening walks? Most importantly, how will I ever get a shower?
Last but not least–the VP debate. I’m sorry, but as neato as she is for being where she is from what she was, Sarah. Palin. Gets. On. My. Nerves. And the both of them really pissed me off by saying over and over: "Americans are worried about how they are going to pay for their kids’ college." Please. Right now I’m just hoping we can keep on feeding our kids fucking DINNER. We’ll be lucky if we’re still living in our house by this time next year. College is not even part of the picture anymore. My kids are on their own; I hope to hell they find a way to pay for college by their damn selves.
That is all.

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One response to “Oh No She Didn’t

  • Bev

    Lots going on in your household girl!   I am just now catching up.  I don’t blame you for being mad at the bullly kid.  I’d want to whip that kid’s butt if she was mean to my kid too.  I hope Merrick gets better soon.  You all have been through a lot lately, so try your best to take care of yourself when you can. 
    How wonderful that Cheyenne has raised so much money!  That is AWESOME!!  No wonder you are proud.  You have a great girl there.
    Hugs to you, my friend!

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