Sweating the Small Stuff

Today we are going back up to the hospital to have Merrick’s stitches taken out. Which, I admit, is a little bit of a bummer because he could have made a kick-ass Frankenstein’s monster for Halloween. Am I right?
Caleb’s new job is going well. He likes it enough. I’ve managed to be the perfect housewife over the past 2 days–getting the kids off to school on time, running all the errands, remembering to feed the dogs, having dinner on the table when Caleb comes home. The other night, I baked (alright, bought) a little congratulations cake for him. I took out the trash this morning and I even had time to comb my hair and put on real clothes. This charade can’t last; but I’ll hold out a little while longer so that my husband feels okay leaving me alone with the kids.
That was a joke.
Seriously, though, I hope he doesn’t expect me to keep this crap up. Getting dressed, grocery shopping, and Hamburger Helper? What am I? A triathlete?
Part of me is a little weirded out that he’s going to an actual office everyday, doing actual work with actual people that he actually interacts with. Even at his old job, he worked from home most of the time. And when he travelled he only met with dirty old used-car salesmen. What if he makes new friends? What if girls–more educated and career-oriented girls–flirt with him? What if he makes out with one of them at an office Christmas party? What if he forgets how much fun I am? What if I’m so tired from doing what housewives do that I forget how to be fun? What if he gets to go to restaurants everyday for lunch while I’m stuck at home with a peanut-butter-and-sprinkles sandwich? And who’s going to eat all the lunchmeat I just bought?
What if he likes his new job better than me?
Well. That’s probably enough of that. I’ve got to go brainstorm how to make Merrick look freaky for Halloween. Someone suggested dressing him up as a baseball. Personally, I thought that maybe giving Mia a lumberjack-style flannel shirt, a hockey mask and a chainsaw while having her pull Merrick in a wagon would be absolutely hysterical. But like I said, once the stitches are removed, the effect is lost. Damn.

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5 responses to “Sweating the Small Stuff

  • barnyardmama

    If your husband is anything like mine then he will be GLAD to get away from the chit-chatting ladies in the office.

  • miranda

    While my knowledge of Caleb is fairly limited, it sounds like he’s proven himself to be a dedicated family man that you really don’t have to worry about.Also, I can’t think of anything better than being stuck at home with a peanut butter and sprinkles sandwich.

  • Bev

    I wouldn’t worry about those women at the office.  It’s like Paul Newman said when asked why he never cheated on his wife…why would ya want a hamburger when you already have a steak?  Good analogy!  Caleb has the best and he knows that!
    Whatever Merrick ends up being for Halloween, he will melt hearts and come home with a full bucket.  You know that!!

  • Georgia

    I hope the latest hospital visit went okay!  Merrick looks GREAT in all his pictures…those *blue* eyes are to die for…and the chunky little arms and legs are too sweet for words!  I think he favors big sissy, Mia, who I think favors you.  All of your kids are precious ~ speaking of which, congrats to Chyenne for completing her MS walk!  Such an awesome undertaking for a young girl.  I’m so impressed and you should be so proud…:)  As far as the office chicks go, they have nothing on you, girl.  Pffft on them! 
    Be great,

  • Joell

    How could Caleb think you un-fun???  Are you for real?  He’s probably sad he’s not having that PB & sprinkles with you for lunch.  So there.
    I say, just as you can draw on your husband’s bald head, you can draw on Merrick’s.  I love the baseball idea.  Get yourself a sharpie and draw them stitches back on there girl!  Mia as Jason…LOVE IT!  LOL.

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