I have reason to believe that the movie "The City of Ember" is out in theaters today; yet I’ve seen no commercials indicating so much. What up?
Merrick’s stitches are out. It went surprisingly easy and we were out of there in 30 minutes tops. I could’ve washed his hair last night but I decided to wait one more day, just to be on the safe side. His cold is pretty much gone and we haven’t used the humidifier in 2 nights, which is probably good since I’m pretty sure that his room (the closet) is going to be full of mold and mildew after steaming it up every night for the past week.
Mia stayed home from school today with this crazy emphysema (emphasyma?) cough. They’re going to kick her out of Pre-K for missing so many days. Her soccer coach cancelled practice last night because of football, and she will also be missing Saturday’s game because of football. Why did she volunteer to coach in the first place? That’s a damn good question.
Cheyenne is working on coming up with a new volunteer project–this time her motivation is to rack up some community service hours for National Junior Honor society. On the short list so far is visiting old people, buying presents for poor kids, and picking up trash. I’d really like to see her organize some sort of recycling program at her school since she’s so ate-up with saving the planet lately. But she’s not sure how to go about that and, frankly, I have no fucking clue either. So for now she’s still tossing around ideas.
Caleb is loving his job. Apparently things are pretty casual around there. He goes to the office in jeans and jacks around for 5 hours before calling it a day.
As predicted, I did finally bust hard on the whole perfect housewife thing–Wednesday night we ate chicken nuggets and pizza rolls, thus securing Rock-star status among my children. Caleb cooked last night, but in my defense I was really tired from cleaning my shower–which would have been considered a noble effort had it not been 2 entire months since I last scrubbed it down.
So there’s the last 2 days of my life. We’re going to have great weather over the weekend so maybe I can talk Caleb into Turner Falls or something. And if that’s too ambitious for him, there’s always "The City of Ember." Or is there?

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4 responses to “Ho-Hum

  • Bev

    It is indeed going to be a lovely Oklahoma fall weekend.  I hope that whatever you do, you enjoy!!  I’m so glad that all went well with little Merrick’s stitch removal. 
    Hugs to you my friend. 

  • barnyardmama

    I started a recyling program at my Middle School!  So funny because I haven’t thought of that in years.  Also, I started the Enviromental Club. I handpainted my own shoes.  I was really freakin’ cool.  Ahem.
    Anyway, I approached my science teacher about my ideas and she was very helpful.  Maybe Cheyenne could do the same or perhaps the sponsor of JNHS?  Basically, we stuck a box in every classroom for reclyclables.  When the box filled up, teachers sent a student to drop it off at a central location. I think that parent volunteers dropped the big pile off once a week.  Think.  If you have reclying in your area, then you may be able to arrange for them to pick it up. 
    Gosh, all that and no baby talk! 

  • Tiffany

    YES… I finally got the ol’ computer fixed!  I’m so glad I can read your page now without getting kicked off of it 30 while doing so!  I’m so glad everything is going well for you guys.  I’m glad Merrick’s stitches went well when he got them out.  I like quick appointments like that! 
    Big Hugs to you!

  • Joell

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses the term "ate up with".  Seriously.

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