It’s raining and I’m sleepy. I’m not a slacker, it’s just that I’m too busy and/or uninspired to write much right now and I forsee that being the case a week–2 weeks maybe–from now. I got nothin.
Except for this:
Cheyenne and I did indeed go see The City of Ember. It would’ve been fantastic had I not read the book first. Otherwise, it was pretty good. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time with Cheyenne. It’s not something we do often but I’d like to make it a monthly habit. She’s so intelligent for her age and she’s so full of ideas and she can be really funny–when I get her alone and if I can get her talking. It’s not as easy for her to talk to me as it is for her to talk to, say, a friend, or a grandma, or an aunt or an uncle, or A COMPLETE STRANGER. I think the whole "Parents are so lame" school of thought is really working against me. How long til she grows out of that?
And it’s not just my kid. Last night Cheyenne had a choir concert at the Middle School cafeteria, which, by the way, she so totally rocked at. The place was swarming with teenagers, and I wanted to take and shake each and every one of them. Is it just me or is everyone between the ages of 13 and 18 totally obnoxious and absolutely moronic? Teenagers aren’t supposed to drive me crazy–I’m supposed to fit right in! I’m supposed to be the cool young mom, damnit!  What up? Am I even allowed to say things like "what up?" anymore?
And so it begins…

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5 responses to “Lame

  • l

    I lucked out.  My daughter and I never went through that stage where she thinks I’m an idiot.  We’ve always talked like friends and at 17 although I’m glad she feels free to talk to me about things I also have to realize not to sound too much like a "Mom" when giving advice.  I have also learned that sometimes as much as I want to give advice at the moment, I have to wait for her to be open to listening.  It was a struggle to figure out when she was just wanting to "vent" and have a listening ear and when she actually wanted my opinion.  I think that is the key to the whole teenage Mother/Daughter thing.Oh and yes all teenagers annoy me.  I too thought I would be the cool Mom, and I am, but seriously they all drive me nuts.  I swear if I noticed one of my kids acting that rude and with no manners I’d smack them on the head!

  • Joell

    We are lame.  It is our job.  Do your job and do it well!  Make her suffer.  Mwuahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • barnyardmama

    No, no.  Teenageers do indeed suck.  I haven’t seen a movie in theaters since 2002 for this very reason.  I could stand it all day at school, but where they’re all on their own?  Horror!

  • Tiffany

    I think a lot of kids go through that!  Just because they think they are ALWAYS right and no matter what you say you are still wrong!  :)  She will grow out of it!
    Big Hugs – Tiff

  • Bev

    You are the Mom.  You can say whatever you want!!  Yeah.  The fun is just beginning.  But I predict that there will still be many, many sweet moments between you and Cheyenne. 
    I know about having nothin’ where blogging goes.  Just go with it and write when you can!!  Your buds will hang in with you!   Hugs to you!!

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